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Bonza Bodies Happy Hour!

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Who’s Ready To Party?????? I said, Who’s Ready To Party?????? We are ready to party with all of you! That’s right Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio is hosting Bonza…

Injury Recovery Made Easier

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By a show of hands, who here hasn’t had an injury? Anyone? No one? Didn’t think so. Who here knows how difficult it can be to come back from an…

Time to Run

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Winter is soooo last season. And we are all itching to get outside and get back to that Colorado outdoor life we all know and love. Hey! Not so fast…

You Can’t Work Off Bad Eating Habits

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Working off bad eating habits. It’s a common thought. ” I worked out today, I can have those french fries” “MMMM, ice cream… I’ll go to the gym tomorrow.” Everybody…