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Will The 50 Day Total Body Transformation At Bonza Bodies Be Your Turning Point?

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That Moment That Moment you WAKE UP And realize you need a change. We’ve All had one of the moments. We’ve all woken up and said, “No, I can’t do…

Bonza Bodies 50 Day Total Body Transformation Is Back!

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Yep! You heard me right! Bonza Bodies Fitness Studio is kicking off another 50 Day Total Body Transformation on July 7th! With so much success surrounding our last 50 Day…

Find Your Mantra In Bonza Bodies “50 Day Total Body Transformation”!

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There is something to be said for mantras. That powerful phrase we repeat to ourselves to keep us going It’s different for everybody, no two people have the same motivation,…

Bonza Bodies Fitness Studio Announces Their Next Nutrition Seminar!

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You can’t work off bad eating habits. I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard me say that more than once. And, I’m pretty sure I’ll continue to say it, because I…