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Shoulder Workout with 5 Bonza Exercises

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How much do you do on a daily basis that requires your shoulders to move or lift? We use our shoulders often, here is a workout to strengthen your shoulders….

5 Ways To Beat Muscle Soreness

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It’s normal to be sore after a hardcore workout, so here are 5 ways to beat muscle soreness. Especially a Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness workout like the Tighten Up…

Workouts To Improve Your Golf Game

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It’s time to improve your golf game! The past couple of weeks we have been featuring exercises to improve your form with popular spring and summer sports! And even with…

Workout Like A Pro

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It’s that time of year again! It’s baseball season! And whether you’re into baseball or not these guys have some workouts that everybody should be doing! These are killer exercises for…