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VegaStrong: Championing For Carol

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Hi Bonza Family and Friends! Do you like helping your fellow humans?   Read on. This blog post you’re about to read is not about weight loss It’s not about…

A Healthy Body Starts With The Right Calories

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I’ve heard it so many times. A calorie is a calorie, it doesn’t matter where the calorie comes from… What a load of crap. Yeah, I said it, a load…

If Your Gym Fits Your Pants Will Too

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This blog was written by Tara McCall a participant in the Bonza Bodies 50 Day Total Body Transformation. She shares some incredible insight here into the efforts that we all…

Real Weight Loss Happens When you Make Waves

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So you’ve started working out recently? And your mom/brother/aunt/spouse/significant other sees these weight loss or other changes in your body/attitude. They see that you have had some weight loss, toned…