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At Last – An in-Gym Exercise for Rock Climbers

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Rock climbing exercise for rock climbers with altitude (for Denver fitness buffs)

if you’ve done a million chin ups in the gym trying to improve your rock climbing while all the time you knew full well that real rock climbing strength comes from the legs, then this is the exercise you’ve been waiting for.

Denver is great for Rockclimbing, but what is great for working the legs, not the arms?

Demonstrated by Meg Kardos and instructed by Jamie Atlas, this article that featured in the Denver Post is an excellent example of what you can do.  The Denver Post article explains how to improve your rockclimbing skills with one exercise.

If the article isn’t enough for you, then here’s a short video taken by Jamie Atlas using the ViPRs (a piece of equipment featured in the Bonza Bodies Studio in downtown Denver).

Enjoy the video! Hope to see you again soon at Bonza! 🙂

Yours bonzaly,

Jamie Atlas