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When Fat Things Happen to Good People

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Weight loss for a Denver Food Critic?

When I found out Laura was the food writer for Denver magazine Westword, I was happy but at the same time disappointed. I mean, when it comes to overcoming eating and lifestyle habits, there’s challenges and then there’s challenges. And weight loss doesn’t mix well with compulsory dessert samplings – no matter how you spin it.

This was going to be one of those kinds of challenges…

The question was this – could my weight loss food plan be tweaked to allow someone to eat whatever they wanted and still lose weight (and as a food critic, she didn’t get a choice most of the time – she HAD to eat the worst thing on the menu – it was her job!) And while Denver isn’t known for being the center of cuisine, there are certainly some excellent restaurants that produce awfully delicious treats that a food writer has no choice but to partake in.

Tweaking our weight loss food plan to allow for gluttony

Now, the food plan we use here at our Downtown Denver Bonza Bodies location is pretty solid. It’s gotten some amazing results for people and seen some amazing results (like one of our Denver resident members Alan Normac, who recently lost 90 lbs to became a size 34 for the first time since he was 15… he’s 48).

But would the weight loss food plan hold up to scrutiny with this kind of gluttony being an integral part of it? Well, it certainly needed me to open the hood and tweak a few things, but so far I think we’re moving in the right direction.

Here’s the first installment from Laura, as featured in the Westword blog, Cafe Society:

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