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Sugar – it’s hiding in places you might not suspect…

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Is Sugar Lurking in Your Food?


Many of us are trying to stay away from sugar—or at least reduce the amount we are consuming. It’s a well- known fact that eating too much sugar contributes to weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, accelerated aging, and more. What we may not know is that sugar is contained in foods we would never suspect.

Watch out for labels on foods that say low-fat or fat-free. There may be less fat in the food but more sugar is usually added for flavor. A product that states it has “reduced sugar” doesn’t mean no sugar. The FDA allows the term reduced sugar on products with 25% less– which means it still contains 75%.


Condiments containing Sugar

There are also substantial amounts of sugar in foods like ketchup, salad dressing, cereal, granola, crackers, peanut butter, frozen dinners and yogurt. You may be buying yogurt assuming it’s good for you—but read the label. Some yogurt contains as much as 20 grams of sugar in just six ounces of yogurt. For those that are choosing to consume yogurt, a better choice is to eat plain Greek yogurt, sweeten it with stevia, and add vanilla extract, berries (naturally low in sugar) and nuts (for added protein and good fat).


Sugared Meats

You know that roasted chicken you pick up at the store for dinner? Well it seems like an easy, healthy choice—chicken’s a good source of protein, right? Well, that’s true but store-roasted chickens are usually injected with sugar, fructose, fat, starch and preservatives—and the chicken is raised with antibiotics. Not such a healthy dinner after all, huh? Roasted chickens from Whole Foods are antibiotic-free and a much healthier choice, but read the labels, some flavors have added sugar

Sugar by a different name would ever be as sweet…

Sugar is listed in the ingredients of foods as sucrose, high fructose corn syrup, brown sugar, dextrose, organic cane juice, agave, fruit juice concentrate, honey, sucrose, maple syrup, molasses, rice syrup, maltodextrin, and more.

The only way to know what you’re eating is to read labels!  may take an extra few minutes but the time you spend will help you reach your weight loss goals and keep you and your family healthier.

Debbie Lunnon

Certified Nutritionist & Eating Psychology Coach

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