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Baby Steps Are Big Steps!

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Chew on this: 55% of Colorado adults are overweight or obese. Okay, now stop chewing and lean in while I blow your mind: This is curable.

I talk to people all the time who want to shed a few – or a few dozen – pounds and often the first concern I hear from them is about how to get started.  Our media-rich world has us convinced that a complete overhaul is necessary to make changes to our bodies. Not so, my friends.

Just need to rest a minute.

Think about it this way: what would happen if you got up tomorrow morning and ran a marathon? Unless you’ve been training, this would probably shape up to be a pretty bad day for you.

So what if you got up tomorrow and walked a half mile, a mile, two miles? Two things would definitely happen: 1. You’d be really proud of yourself, and 2. You’d likely try it again – and maybe even walk a little farther.

The point is, subtle changes tend to be more sustainable.  So when it comes to making healthy choices, don’t go straight for the high dive. Instead, aim for small changes that have big impact. Here are some ideas:

Go clubbing. The average soda contains the equivalent of 22 sugar packets. If you like bubbles, swap your soda for club soda. You can even add a little lime or a splash of Gatorade for flavor.

Make breakfast. Seriously. It’s not coined “the most important meal of the day” for nothing. Get something healthy – and simple – in your body at the beginning of the day and watch your trips to the vending machine fade into oblivion.

Walk and meet. Take brainstorming meetings, status updates, and water cooler talk to the streets. You’re going to spend 30 minutes talking anyway – you may as well do it while you’re moving. Worried that you can’t take notes? Most smart phones have recording apps so you can just record the conversation and review it later.

And if you want to see more tips – and the Rally Dance – check out the video below: