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No Excuses!

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The season is changing, the days are getting shorter and the kids are back in school. That leaves room for a lot of excuses, doesn’t it? Well, let’s tackle some of the big ones.

I’ve been working out all summer and still have [insert body part] fat. Guess it’s not working. You don’t get fat or lose fat in one particular areas. it spreads out all over your body, and is lost last from the first place it appeared (usually your belly or thighs). Be glad about this. You wouldn’t want it all gathering on one side or on your forehead or ankles. No point having a six pack if all anyone looks at is your super flabby left bicep muscle!

It’s dark when I wake up. I just want to sleep. Both of our locations have lights and fun music. And our trainers have more charm and charisma than any morning talk show (unless it’s me during 9News Workout Wednesdays). You don’t want to sleep through that, do you?

spice up your lifeI’m bored. Well, it’s time to spice up your life. Switch your workout routine, grab a buddy, buy yourself some new workout clothes (blame it on the season change if you have to).

I’ve been really busy. I get it, we’re all busy. And that’s why I love putting together workout tips that you can do anytime, anywhere. At your desk? Got you covered. At home? Done. Being busy can not only sabotage our workout time, but it can also tempt us off of our food plans, too. Having grab-and-go meal ideas (no, this doesn’t mean shakes — it means actual food) will help you when you’re busy and keep you fueled throughout the day. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water. You’re never too busy for that!

Look, I get it — life is always going to throw us curveballs. Whether it’s bad weather, a new job, a stubbed toe or a series of dinner parties with amazing-looking pasta, if you’re looking hard enough, there’s always an excuse to sleep in, skip breakfast or bail on a workout.

So as the season changes, let’s change our perspective: for every excuse there’s an equal and opposite opportunity. I’ll keep reminding you of that, and you bring your A Game to each day. Deal?




Training for Football Season

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Maybe you don’t play in the NFL. Maybe you don’t even watch football. But we can all agree that football players put massive amounts of stress on their bodies, so training is critical. And really, we can all train like a football player, using major muscle groups that will support our activities on and off the field.

As a personal trainer, I like to keep things interesting for my clients and seasonal changes are a great time to spice up your workout. So why not toss in some football-inspired exercises to kick off Fall?

I recently teamed up with my friend Corey Rose from 9News to hammer out some training tips that you can do at home, at work or during halftime. Check it out:


You may recognize some of these exercises from our boot camp classes. But for football training, we’ve added some twists. So instead of a straight lunge, we’ve added resistance bands. Pushups roll into pushups (feel that core? OHHHH YEAHHHH). And bursts of power from sprints will have you moving like an athlete, even if it’s just in the back yard.

As always, these exercises are made for functional training. So whether you’re catching a pass or chasing the kids, your body is ready to move like you need it to, and be less prone to injury in the process.

And as temperatures drop and you’re trading your running shoes for snowshoes, check out this little bit I did with the Denver Post to prep for backcountry adventures this winter.