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50 Day Total Body Transformation- Let’s Get HOT for Halloween

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Are You Ready To Get Hot For Halloween?

Halloween is coming! It’s way too easy to put away the workout clothes and bring out the big sweaters as the weather starts turning colder. It’s very common to hear people say that they don’t need to shoot for a beach body anymore because winter is upon us.

Here at Bonza, we like to inspire our clients to keep working hard all year long. With our 50 day Total Body Transformation that we will be starting up again on Tuesday September 10th, you can commit to yourself rather than cover up yourself. Do you remember the last time you tried to get your favorite pair of pants on and you couldn’t get them to pull up past your waist? We can help! We have several different classes that can kick your butt into shape to make those jeans fit every time.

Our Tighten Up class focuses on Total Body Interval Training to give you a tighter and  more toned look. Our Pyramid Fat Blaster incorporates cardio, strength, and power to give you a total body functional workout that keeps the body burning fat and keeps you coming back for more. With the wide variety of classes, you will be training your body in several different ways. Have you had issues in the past with dropping out of workout programs because you felt like you didn’t have the support or you just couldn’t stay committed because no one was pushing you? Bonza is your solution to this problem. Our 50 Day Total Body Transformation gives you the support and motivation that you need to stay on track.
The 50 day challenge will include:
3 Weekly workouts
Small group classes
Nutritional information and a Food Plan
Recipes and Sample Meal Planning
2 Personal Training Sessions
Weekly Check-ins to check progress
A Free T-Shirt
Body Fat Analysis


. With this challenge, you get all of the tools that you need to succeed. This is where you need take your first step towards a happier and healthier you. Make the commitment today! Contact us at and don’t wait until it’s too late.

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