Welcome To Our Best Total Body Transformation Program Yet!


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First things first – If you know what you’re here for:


This is the real VIP Bonza Bodies Experience.  You’ve never done a transformation where you felt more like a person than, well let’s just say it, cattle.  We focus on personal attention, effective nutrition and functional real world workouts that make bodies that move well and look amazing.

one of our winners from last years event

one of our winners from last years event

Oh I see!  You’re still reading?  You need more information, huh?
All participants in this 50 day transformation receive the guidance, instruction and support they need to totally transform their bodies.  In less time than this program in past transformations we’ve had men lose over 35lbs and women lose 25lbs.
If you’re ready to put in the work and get instruction from the best studio in town, then this is the transformation program you’ve been waiting for.

I’ve never gotten results like I got at Bonza – Jessica Smith

Bonza Pics

What is a Transformation program, anyway?  What makes this one different?

When we think about transformation, it’s about a changing of your mind.  An experience that once you’ve been through, changes the way you look at exercise, nutrition and making yourself a priority.  A transformation should leave you a new person – on multiple levels.  If you’re ready to leave 2014 in the dust and embrace 2016 with a whole new outlook, come on board and test us out!

Join Our Total Body Transformation 2016 Program To Get

50 day what you get

  • How much is it?  
    • $197 for everything.  no hidden fees or charges.
  • Are there restrictions on which workouts I can go to?
  • How long does this transformation program run?
    • 50 day challenge from Thursday Jan 7th to Friday Feb 26th  – weigh in, workout and eat right, weigh out.  Pretty simple, really.
  • Who designed this challenge?  
    • 4x 5280 Top Of The Town Denver personal trainer Jamie Atlas (BSc Neuroscience/International fitness presenter/Owner of Bonza Bodies) in partnership with local nutritionists and dietitians.
  • When does it start?
    • Jan 7th at 6pm we have our weigh in downtown.  If you can’t make it you can still participate, you’ll weigh in on an alternate day announced soon.
  • When should I sign up?
    • NOW!  We fill this up every year and this is our strongest and best program yet.  60 spots is all we have.
  • Where will workouts be held?
    • Downtown Denver
      • Location: Corner of 18th & Broadway (across from the Brown Palace) 1800 Glenarm Place Basement level
      • Map Link: http://goo.gl/maps/KolJc


PLEASE NOTE:  If you are currently doing or have before taken part in one of our short term challenge/transformation programs then you are not eligible to join this program.  This is for fresh faces and current Bonza members only!  (with limited space we have to make room for other kids to play with us!)

With anything we do, this is more than just the large cardio workouts you’re used to.  Our workouts are small group, focused events that allow you to get the very best workout you’re capable of that day.

Our body fat testing isn’t your average scale.  We use medical grade body fat,water and weight testing machines that measure everything down to your metabolic rate and fat free mass.

If that wasn’t enough, you’re able to receive 2 personal training sessions 1-1 with one of our in-house experienced and certified personal trainers.

Of course, other programs might throw you just any old worn out food plan and leave you to fend for yourselves.   We’ve got our nutritionist approved in house built food plan that allows you the flexibility to eat what you want on certain days and still make progress!

Award winning fitness workouts & a proven food plan with support!


Not sure about us still?  Here’s a video of some testimonials from past Bonza participants.

None of these people have been paid or bribed in any way to say any of the following:

You want to know who’s put all this together, probably?

The man in charge of this is Denver personal trainer Jamie Atlas – 5280’s top of the town personal trainer four years in a row, 9News fitness expert (co-host of the Workout Wednesday segment) and as seen in the Denver Post, Westword and as the ‘rallyman’ for Livewell Colorado.

He’s built Bonza from the ground up with a heart of making a difference and creating a studio that was known for being both welcoming and effective in it’s approach towards athletic performance and weight loss.

A quick summary of your 2016 Bonza Bodies Total Body Transformation Package:

  • A proven transformation program
  • Designed by Denvers best personal trainer four years in a row
  • With personalized high energy workouts
  • free personal training sessions
  • A tested and tried food plan
  • Workout 3x week
  • Goes for 50 days
  • And is just $197?

Makes you wanna do your happy dance, right?


 Still got questions?  It’s totally normal.  Just call us on 1866-609-5004 or email info@bonzabodies.com and we’ll be happy to help you in any way possible.

Remember, space is limited for this program.  We sell this out every time.  Don’t be the one trying to sneak your way in come Jan 7th.