You Want To Know More About Us, Huh?

First, Know That We’re More Than Just Small Group Personalized Fat Burning Workouts.

Personal Training With A Few Friends There To Keep You Honest

Sure, we offer a variety of workouts you can choose from, and yes, we’ve limited the class size to the kind that means you’ll get personal attention – and yes, we ONLY choose the best, friendliest trainers are constantly training and updating our trainers knowledge so you get the best workout experience.

Think of your Bonza workout with us as a goal focused personal training session but without quite the white hot laser attention to you… but just enough that you know there is no such thing as an easy workout.

Extensive Nutrition Plan and Accountability Support

Clients usually achieve a 10-15 lbs loss in the first 30 days following our plan. Our plan allows you to still enjoy food and evening drinks all the while helping you lose weight by improving metabolism and eliminating the water weight that most of us hold on to.  We also offer membership options that include accountability for those that just know they won’t get it done unless there’s someone staying on top of them.

Second Thing To Know About Us Is That We’re Award Winning.

Not just like, Voted best gym in a ten yard radius.  We’re talking, “You need to know about these because you name it, they’ve won it”.  According to people like 5280 Magazine, the Denver A-list, local tv channels as well, since 2011 we’re the Best Denver Personal Trainer, Best Denver Gym, Best Denver Boot Camp.  Google us later and see (not now though, we’re not done telling you about us just yet).

Here’s a short video highlighting our popular Small Group Personal Training Class:

Fast facts About Us:

  • We’ll give you a free workout if you’re willing to give us a chance to show you just how good we are. Take us up on it.
  • Located just across the road from Brown Palace in the basement of 1800 Glenarm Place (Denver 80202)
  • The founder of Bonza Bodies (That’s me, Jamie Atlas) has been a trainer since 1991.  Your average personal trainer wasn’t even BORN back then (boy does that make me feel old!)
  • We’ve won either best boot camp, best gym/health club or best personal trainer for 5280’s top of the town since 2011 (for a total of 6 awards!)
  • We’ve been featured and invited into the studio on every news channel in Denver (we actually are featured in a weekly tv spot on 9News with the adorable Corey Rose)
  • We teach about 5 different types of small group classes (one instructor per ten participants) that you can choose from, not just one-size-fits-all-suck-it-up-if-you-don’t-like-it.
  • We offer a variety of memberships to cater to your 3x week, unlimited access  or accountability-required-goal-focused needs.  Learn more about our membership options.

Lastly: We’ll Never Take It Easy On You, But…

…We’re never condescending or belittling in our workouts.  We’d rather treat you like a grownup than like it’s your first week in the military.

We mean it when we say we believe our training system and methods are the best in the industry (in fact, it’s part of our mission to be known worldwide for our unique and effective approach).  We’ve worked hard to create a training system that gives you much more than just a flat stomach, toned arms and nice tall posture.  We want you to smile, learn and enjoy the whole while through.

The instructors at Bonza Bodies Fitness are highly trained to understand your body and to make tweaks within the workout to make sure this is the workout you came here for.

To make sure you get the most out of your workout experience, we’ve limited class size to less than 10 per workout (which is why we call it small group personal training)

You see, to us being ‘fit’ is not just about standing tall, being lean and moving like an athlete – we want you to be able to ooze confidence and strength with everything you do. That’s just the start of our goals for each of our members.

To send us an inquiry about membership or personal training at Bonza Bodies Fitness, call 1-866-609-5004 or email us.