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Lori with a medicine ball.

Quick Full Body Workout at Capitol Building

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Full Body Fat Burn using a Medicine Ball, Momentum

Are you looking for a new exercise to do in the gym or outdoors? The medicine ball tearaway is hard to beat for a full body fat burn that has a functional fitness component to it. The exercise uses lateral momentum to activate as many muscles as possible. 30 seconds of this drill guarantees to raise even the hardiest of athletes.

We had fun shooting this outside in civic park right outside the capitol building. Lots of good open space to use for a workout if you’re ever in the neighborhood šŸ™‚

In our Denver fitness studio we use this medicine ball as part of our full body routines, but we don’t use it every workout (because we have so many other fun exercises we’re playing with it just wouldn’t be fair to the other pieces of functional equipment we have!)

If you think you’ve seen it all before, here’s your new exercise to play with.

The Medicine Ball Tearaway (as shown in the Denver Post Fitness Section, Nov 2011)

However, don’t attempt this exercise without having first done a few ‘test runs’. As with any exercise, if you aren’t familiar with what can go wrong, you can be sure you’ll find out sooner or later.


The moral of the story: Check the bounce factor of your medicine ball before you smash it with full body force into the ground.

Okay so now you’ve seen that, I’m going to trust that you won’t make that mistake… ever.

If I ever see you do this in our Denver Bonza Bodies fitness studio, expect me to refer you to this blog post… after I get you an icepack, that is.

Yours in health,

Jamie Atlas

Turkey Day Pre-Feed Strategy for Success

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Thanksgiving Day Eating Plan

Weight loss is a goal for most people around this time of year. You’ve been exercising and working out with the best intentions, but around this time even our hardest working Bonza people can go AWOL for at least a few days.

At Bonza we’re having a class at 815am this Thanksgiving (as we do every year), and we’re also meeting to run in the Turkey Trot (which should be loads and loads of fun). But if you’re not able to join us, here’s a few strategies you need to remember to keep things under control (or at least contained).

Eat Protein first to maintain your shapely figure

Fill up on that delish turkey first before you chow down into the high carb options. I’m not saying dont have some of granny’s special apple pie, but have the protein first. Turkey First, then Ham, then maybe some salad and then get into the other stuff I won’t even suggest for fear you’ll take it as a green light to engorge upon it.

Chew your food and talk to your guests to keep your waist in shape

Chewing by itself stimulates signals to the body to let it know that you’re actually taking in food. the more you chew, the fuller you’ll feel. Talking to your guests is a great way to slow the intake of food as well. Don’t make it seem like you don’t like it, but have your conversation starters at the ready. You KNOW uncle Jeff loves being asked about his action figure collection, and once you get grandpa a few drinks, he’ll answer any questions you’d like to know about the recession and the good ol’ days (really? Only a nickel for a can of soda? And the can was made from lead?! Fascinating!).

Here’s an article from the delightful and humorous Laura Shunk of WestWord who wrote an article using some of the strategies we use here at Bonza. Read up – she’s hilarious (much funnier than this claptrap anyway! šŸ™‚

And a short fitness video with some insider tips for you:

Happy Thanksgiving Day from all of us at Bonza!

Gobble Gobble! (but not too much!)

Bar Belle

When Fat Things Happen to Good People

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Weight loss for a Denver Food Critic?

When I found out Laura was the food writer for Denver magazine Westword, I was happy but at the same time disappointed. I mean, when it comes to overcoming eating and lifestyle habits, there’s challenges and then there’s challenges. And weight loss doesn’t mix well with compulsory dessert samplings – no matter how you spin it.

This was going to be one of those kinds of challenges…

The question was this – could my weight loss food plan be tweaked to allow someone to eat whatever they wanted and still lose weight (and as a food critic, she didn’t get a choice most of the time – she HAD to eat the worst thing on the menu – it was her job!) And while Denver isn’t known for being the center of cuisine, there are certainly some excellent restaurants that produce awfully delicious treats that a food writer has no choice but to partake in.

Tweaking our weight loss food plan to allow for gluttony

Now, the food plan we use here at our Downtown Denver Bonza Bodies location is pretty solid. It’s gotten some amazing results for people and seen some amazing results (like one of our Denver resident members Alan Normac, who recently lost 90 lbs to became a size 34 for the first time since he was 15… he’s 48).

But would the weight loss food plan hold up to scrutiny with this kind of gluttony being an integral part of it? Well, it certainly needed me to open the hood and tweak a few things, but so far I think we’re moving in the right direction.

Here’s the first installment from Laura, as featured in the Westword blog, Cafe Society:

Would you like to know more about Bonza or come visit with a friend?

Just email us at with your question. We love questions!

Yours in health,

Jamie Atlas

At Last – An in-Gym Exercise for Rock Climbers

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Rock climbing exercise for rock climbers with altitude (for Denver fitness buffs)

if you’ve done a million chin ups in the gym trying to improve your rock climbing while all the time you knew full well that real rock climbing strength comes from the legs, then this is the exercise you’ve been waiting for.

Denver is great for Rockclimbing, but what is great for working the legs, not the arms?

Demonstrated by Meg Kardos and instructed by Jamie Atlas, this article that featured in the Denver Post is an excellent example of what you can do.Ā  The Denver Post article explains how to improve your rockclimbing skills with one exercise.

If the article isn’t enough for you, then here’s a short video taken by Jamie Atlas using the ViPRs (a piece of equipment featured in the Bonza Bodies Studio in downtown Denver).

Enjoy the video! Hope to see you again soon at Bonza! šŸ™‚

Yours bonzaly,

Jamie Atlas