Best Personal Training In Denver?  Really?

We’d like to think we’ve earned the right to say so.  Here’s how we approach personal training at Bonza Bodies

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  • If you aren’t assessing, you’re guessing
    • Your Bonza personal trainer starts by checking in with where you’ve been, where you’re at and where you’re going.
  • Video homework
    • You’ll get personalized homework that you’ll need to do – this might be stretches, exercises or something else, but at your first session you’ll receive video homework made especially for you so we can start you on the fast track ASAP.
  • Team personal training
    • When you train at Bonza, you train with a team.  You’ll have a key trainer but there’s always another trainer helping out in the background.  Usually this means a trainer with 5 years experience being helped by another trainer with 20 years experience, regularly comparing and discussing the best approach for you.
  • More than just a workout
    • You’ll get a nutrition plan to follow that fits your goals, needs and busy lifestyle.
  • Longevity
    • Once you reach your goal, then what?  It’s our goal to get you where you want to be – but it’s also our goal to keep you at goal (or beyond?) once you arrive.
  • Did we mention awards?
    • Bonza Bodies Fitness Studio is run by Jamie Atlas.  He’s won the 5280 Top Of The Town Best Personal Training Award four years in a row.  In fact, they stopped running the award in 2015 because it didn’t seem fair (at least that’s his story).

The Best Personal Training Comes From Trainers That Care

Does that sound like we have the right to give ourselves the title of Denvers best personal trainers?  Maybe it sounds a bit conceited, but please believe, that’s not us at all.

Courtney and Kelly, two of our highly trained experienced personal trainers.

Here’s what we’ve know that makes us feel we provide the best personal training in Denver.  We know that your body is the only one you’ll ever get.  It needs to be pushed hard by people that understand when it needs it and what it needs.  In short:

We care enough to work hard to provide the best personal training you’ll find.

We know that your body is more valuable than any car you’ll ever own.
In fact, your body is the ONLY vehicle you’ll ever really own. Nobody can take it away from you, and it’s your job (and our job) to get it in shape without blowing out your joints or using unhealthy tricks that will hurt you later.  When it comes to your body, there’s no givesies backsies.
That’s why we bring together key experts to share your information and make sure that you get the best help from those that provide the best personal training in Denver.  If you’re still not sure, maybe you should try us out for a free initial consult.  We’re up for the challenge if you are.
best personal training in Denver
To speak with one of our experts about personal training and an initial consult, please contact or call 720-257-9328