Workouts To Improve Your Golf Game

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It’s time to improve your golf game!

The past couple of weeks we have been featuring exercises to improve your form with popular spring and summer sports!

And even with the snow today we all know golf season is right around the corner! So let’s talk about some ways to improve that swing!

Whatever your favorite sport may be there are exercises you can do to improve your game. And you can count on the world class personal trainers at Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Stgolf gif photo: hurley/charlie dancing golf weeeeoooo.gifudio and our fearless leader Jamie Atlas to show you some new moves and workouts to improve any skill level!

Having a good golf game requires lots of muscle groups to work together. The legs, core and arms must all work together to create the perfect smooth stroke. What happens or goes wrong with most golfers is the ability to bend over and keep the core, and other muscle groups engaged, is lost. And when that goes, so does your stroke.

The Impact shuffle will help you build the strength to hit that ball with maximum impact for top driving distances. While bent over, holding a weight, move the weight from left to right within an eight in range of motion keBestGolfMeme41eping the head still. Be sure to keep the spine straight and tall and the head still with this one for maximum benefit!

Give yourself strong golf arms with this next workout! Holding a pair of dumbbells or weights at shoulder height rotate your body to the left while pivoting on your right toes and pressing upward with your right arm. Come back to center and repeat in the opposite direction!

Tilt and twist to improve your backswing and follow through! Standing with your right leg behind you, bend at the waist keeping the back straight and holding a dumbbell in your right hand. As you straighten move th right hand horizontally across the body, keeping the dumbbell in a horizontal position! Keep the arm straight throughout the movement, nobody likes a bent elbow!

Click the link below to see these moves in action as demonstrated by Jamie Atlas and Corey Rose of 9 News!

Click Here to See Tips on Improving Your Golf Game

As always Bonza Bodies’ world class personal trainers are standing by to help you perfect any game or sport you want to do with a combination of the right workouts and support! If you aren’t a Bonza member email us at to sign up for a free trial or just stop on by for a class!

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Workout Like A Pro

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It’s that time of year again!

It’s baseball season!

And whether you’re into baseball or not these guys have some workouts that everybody should be doing!

These are killer exercises for every body part; butt, legs, core and upper body, no muscle group left behind! And here at Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio in downtown Denver we believe in a  total body approach. You’ll never get the same workout twice! Why? Well first off; how boring is that???? Who wants to do the same workout again, and again, and again? Secondly, you have to keep the body guessing to keep it challenging and lastly if you workout the same muscles groups, the same way, repeatedly you’ll end up with muscles that are really only functional one dimensionally vs a body that can move through a range of motions with ease and fluidity.

baseball gif photo: Baseball 2pzabli.gif

So with that  in mind we’ve given you a range of workouts and recommendation to do to keep your body in peak physical form. We’ve done everything from running, to volleyball and today we have baseball.

The world class personal trainers at Bonza Bodies can get you prepped and ready for any physical activity, or sport you want to do. But just in case you can’t make it into the gym this week here is our own Jamie Atlas with some easy, functional, total body exercises you can do at home with just a weighted ball.

Click here to watch Jamie Atlas demonstrate workouts done by the pros!


Of course, regardless of what exercise regime you choose there are really only 2 main components to think about.

1. Does it keep you engaged and entertained? Is it FUN?

2. Do you mix it up? Do you keep your body engaged and entertained?

baseball gif photo: baseball baseball.gif


If your interested in learning more about Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio

Contact us!

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Running The Treadmill, Friend Or Foe?

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So, here we are, Spring has sprung, again.

And I’m guessing that means all you runners are getting off the treadmill and hitting the parks, trails and sidewalks. Unless, of course, you prefer running on a treadmill, and some people do. I’m one of them! (gasp!) Have you ever wondered which one is better for you though?

There are a lot of pros and cons to each! The most important thing to remember and gauge, however, is what your body is capable of. So let’s talk about the pros and cons before you hit the trail, or the belt…

With a treadmill, yo50-Inspiritational-Motivational-Thoughts-quotes-and-memes-27u get to control everything. The temperature, the pace, the distance, the incline, the terrain, all of it. And that is great. The chance of injury is minimized significantly and mostly comes down to if you’re a super klutz like me over-exerting yourself. There is no possibility of stepping on a rock and twisting a knee (NOOOOOOO!!!!!) or an ankle. If you do yourself injury you don’t have to limp home or worse, phone a friend (oh the shame), at the most you’ll need to figure out how to maneuver yourself to your car… Another bonus for the treadmill; it does half the work for you! That belt that keeps circling and circling, like a shark that smells blood in the water, is propelling your legs back, leaving you with the important job of moving them forward. A necessity to avoid serious injury…

Downside? You control everything. Your ankles won’t learn how to move and adjust to changing terrain. Your hamstrings will not develop on a treadmill like they will running on a trail, there’s that propulsion we were just talking about! As a result you could very easily tear or injury your hammy when a well-meaning friend invites you out on a Sunday morning jog or you step out for that first 5K of the season.

And then there’s running outside…

With running outdoors you are exposing your body to any number of environmental factors. Rocks, uneven sidewalks, wind, cold, hills, rain, the list goes on and on and on. Why is this a pro? Because fitness should be FUNCTIONAL, which is exactly what we focus on here at Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio. Here, at Bonza Bodies, located in downtown Denver, 80202, we fully emphasize that a fit body should help you get through your day better and easier. So how does stepping on a rock help your functional fitness? Easy, the ankle has to adjust and bend and move to avoid serious injury, ever tripped walking along a city sidewalk? Ladies, how about those heels we hate to love?

The cons? Yep, you guessed it, your exposing your body to any number of environmental factors. That rock may bite back and next thing you know, you’re limping home, wallowing in pain. And that wind, brrrr, Colorado wind in April tends to be a bit of a nasty beast. Any scenario you want to dream up in your head has the potential for happening if you run outside.

So, seriously, which one is better?

Click Here To Find Out!

And see owner of Bonza Bodies Fitness Studio, and personal trainer, Jamie Atlas, explain why!

running gifs photo: brb tumblr_lsrrf9M1iW1qba1d0o1_500.gif

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Core Exercises For Running Strength

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It’s Running Season In Colorado!

Okay yes, I know it snowed last week but let’s pretend it didn’t…

It’s Running season in Colorado! Can I get an AMEN!!!

Or, maybe at least, a “woo hoo, winter is OVER!”?

The Colfax Marathon is happening soon, and then shortly after that the Boulder Bolder!

So when you are trying to get in shape for these events and running season, where do you start? There’s a lot of prep to do, that’s for sure. But seriously, where do you start?

As with any good plan, you start at the core. That’s where the power is, that’s where the stamina is, and that’s where the success is. And these 3 core exercises are a great place to start to work your body and rock your run!

1. The Heel Drop:

This exercise works those all important Gluteus muscles. Which give you power and drive to continue to push through those miles and mountains when your legs are starting to feel like jelly.

This is exercise seems simple but is actually an incredibly effective exercise. Standing on a step, slowly bend your knee and drive your foot down to the ground heel first. Only the heel should hit the ground with this exercise before you bring you leg back up, mimicking the actual motion of running and strengthening the glut muscles.

2. The Knee Lift:

This exercise is great for working out the whole leg, including your feet and toes. This exercise will allow you to focus on your toe placement while in air making it easier to hit the ground and protect your joints, especially those

Standing on steps on one leg, drive the other leg into the air while lifting with your standing leg. At the same time you should be driving your opposite arm forward giving you momentum. This mimics the actual motion of running. While your leg is in the air focus on keeping the big toe joint pointed upwards, that way when you land, you are landing on the balls of your feet rather than the heels or toes.

3. Core Movement:

This exercise focuses very specifically on the core and the core muscles used for running. All you need for this exercise is a cable.

Holding the cable in your left hand, with your right foot forward and your left foot back, pull the cable toward you while driving your right hand forward and rotating slightly at the waist. When you run there is a slight rotation of the core and this exercise will help strengthen those specific muscles. Repeat with the right hand.

Click on the link below to see a demonstration of all of these exercises!

Core Strengthening Exercises To Do Before Pounding The Pavement

Thankfully have a bad timeall of these exercises are super easy to do but, should you want extra help getting ready for running season or just getting your core leaner and meaner, the world class personal trainers at Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio located in downtown Denver at 1800 Glenarm, are always ready to lend a hand to help you get ready. Whatever your goal may be, our trainers can help you get their!


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Bonza Bodies Happy Hour!

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Who’s Ready To Party??????

I said, Who’s Ready To Party??????

We are ready to party with all of you!

That’s right Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio is hosting Bonza Bodies Happy Hour!

Its a chance for you to come on down to the studio and unwind with your favorite Bonza family and friends! There will be wine and other assorted types of alcohol, (don’t forget the non-alcoholic drinks for those that choose not to partake!), games, door prizes, and nibbles!

The party starts at 5pm and goes until 7pm so feel free to drop in at any time! Maybe stop in before your dinner reservation and try to win a free bottle of wine! We’ll be featuring wines from (where else?) Australia and New Zealand and if you can guess the wine correctly on all varieties offered you win a free bottle of wine! We will also have various nibblers available, such as sushi and veggies, all Bonza approved of course!150310_Bonza_WineSocial-1

So come on down to Bonza Bodies, located on 1800 Glenarm in downtown Denver, and party with some of your favorite Bonza folks! Don’t forget to bring a friend, all are welcome!  For more information please contact us at!

We look forward to seeing you there!

And as always:

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Injury Recovery Made Easier

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By a show of hands, who here hasn’t had an injury? Anyone? No one? Didn’t think so.

Who here knows how difficult it can be to come back from an injury? Especially when there is significant muscle or tissue damage? Everybody?

Frequently when the body experiences trauma it can cause us to move differently than we used to. Suddenly we are stressing out one of knees to compensate for the other one preforming below par. Limping around because our hip is strained and even the simplest task like walking is exhausting because the load is now transferred to the other leg. Or reaching for something with our other arm because our dominant arm is damaged, injured or stressed.

What’s really interesting about this is most of the time it’s subconscious. For the most part we don’t even 50-Inspiritational-Motivational-Thoughts-quotes-and-memes-27know it’s happening. Until we realize our right ankle is suddenly tired and sore because of the injury we did to the left calf last week.

So how can we correct this problem? It can feel next to impossible to change the way we move. Especially when have been compensating for an old injury or traumatic tissue damage. The answer is simple actually. Injury recovery through stretching. We need to stretch and move our body in different ways to remind the body of the job it used to be able to do. This doesn’t, by any means, suggest that we will always regain full use of the injured or damaged muscle. But we can get it functioning better and working with the body as part of the team, rather than against, causing more strain and possibly injury on other body parts.

Often these types of stretches should be closely supervised by a physical therapist or personal trainer. Someone with an in-depth understanding of the complex and amazing thing that is the human body. These muscles need to be woken up but in a safe and effective way. Here at Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studios in downtown Denver we have world class personal trainers here to coax your body back into peak form from any injury. We are always at the ready with tips and suggestions to help you and your body work together, rather than be at odds with your injury, which will only lead to frustration and potentially further injury.

Our own Jamie Atlas, owner and founder of Bonza Bodies, 80202, gave some helpful hip stretches to Robert. Robert beat cancer but was left with significant scar tissue on his left leg causing him to rely heavily on is right leg while running. Robert will be running the Colfax Half-marathon soon and has a goal to beat his best time ever.   Click here to see helpful running stretches anyone can benefit from!

Of course this doesn’t mean you have to be injured to utilize these stretches. These are stretches anyone and everyone can and should be doing. They’ll help anyone move and feel better, not just runners!

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Time to Run

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Winter is soooo last season.

And we are all itching to get outside and get back to that Colorado outdoor life we all know and love.

Hey! Not so fast though! Before you throw on your favorite running shoes and hit the pavement/concrete/trail/whatever you have to make sure your body is ready with you.

It’s quite common. We all forget that we’ve been a little less than ambitious through the winter and maybe, just maybe, we’ve gone a little soft. So we lace up the sneakers, throw on our favorite tunes and out the door we go. E10574362_812996825398409_6554729825252384704_nxpectations being that now winter is over our body will forget about the sedentary lifestyle we’ve had for the past 3-6 months (We all know how predictable CO winters are) and be right back back in top form! 10 minutes later we return to our home limping in pain, fast forward to later on that night where we will be safely ensconced in a chair icing down our poor abused knees/ankles/joints. All of the sudden tomorrow’s run is looking pretty bleak.

Fear not! Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio is here to help you get back in top form for running without pain or injury! Our world class trainers will be here for you every step of the way! Whether your goal is to beat your best 5K time ever this season or a leisurely run through the park we can help you and your joints stay healthy and motivated through the process.

On April 1st we will unleash our new class format geared towards getting your body in peak running shape! This class is sure to be the high intensity, goal focused fitness classes you have come to know and love from your Bonza crew. And if you are not or have never been a runner, but are interested in trying it out, this class is the perfect way to start! But in the mean time here are some simple exercises and helpful tips from our own Jamie Atlas!

Exercises to get you back in running form!

If you are interested in learning more about Bonza Bodies or the new class we are offering contact us at!

As Always,

Stay True To Your Goals

Your Bonza Family

You Can’t Work Off Bad Eating Habits

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Working off bad eating habits.

It’s a common thought.

” I worked out today, I can have those french fries”

“MMMM, ice cream… I’ll go to the gym tomorrow.”

Everybody wants to believe that a hardcore workout will carry you through a day of dietary indiscretions.

Sadly, it’s not true. I know, I’m sorry, it took me a long time to accept the truth as well but there it is. Dry your eyes now; let’s go over some numbers.

A normal 50 minute workout at Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio in downtown Denver, 80202, burns anywhere between 400-600 calories. That may sound like a lot and in fairness that is one heother 23 hoursck of a workout! But even that won’t help your waistline when it comes to your nightly bowl of ice cream.

It’s hard for a lot of people to fathom how hard it is to actually work off the calories we consume. As Americans we consume a huge amount of calories on a  daily basis, most of us consume more than we need in a day. Hence, the growing obesity problem here, in the U.S. Click the link below to find out how much walking you have to do to work off the calories in one M&M. Or how many squats you have to do in one minute to work off one tater tot.


So what does this all mean? Does it mean a french fry can never cross your lips again? Does it mean your tongue can never swirl around an ice cream cone again? Nope, it doesn’t (okay it maybe actually should but, baby steps here). It means that your food choices should be a conscious decision. Don’t just eat what’s put in front of you! Don’t mindlessly order the super deluxe cheeseburger with a large side of fries! 20717_693831967388406_2817012700955358295_nLook at your options, we have a ton of them. Get the cheeseburger if you must but think about how your jeans and waistline will thank you when you order it with a side salad or steamed broccoli! The foods we so often have a staple in our daily diets should be a treat, like seriously, once monthly. So put down the breaded chicken wing and ranch dressing and get in touch with the flavors real food has to offer. I promise you’ll like it better ;-).

“In some countries we need food that saves lives, in this country we need food that saves waistlines.”-anonymous. As it turns out we have plenty of food here that will save our waistlines, we just either ignore it or don’t know how to use it.


Feeling inspired?

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I Didn’t Lose Weight, I Know Right Where I Left It

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I hear that all the time.

“Wow, she/he/so-and-so has really lost some weight!”

In fact, I’m guilty of saying it all the time.

But here’s the thing; as someone currently on a journey of weight change, lifestyle change, life change, and just about any other type of change you can imagine,

that statement actually bothers me.

It is said with the best of intentions, and is meant as a compliment. Really, I do understand that. And I’m not even reacting to someone calling out the fact that I had a lot of weight to lose, ’cause I did. Why try to hide the truth? I mean, really, before I started this journey the only hiding I did was behind a mountain of pizza and doughnuts. Fat lotta good that did me…quite literally. What I’m reacting to is the suggestion that I don’t know where the weight went.

I was quite happy in my denial of my weight, I was active (I’m actually laughing as I type that, I didn’t even know what active meant then), could still move well, loved yoga, and thought the activity I did at work weights.23264446_stdwas adequate for my health. I didn’t want to acknowledge that I needed to lose weight, badly. Then the universe staged an intervention and I went to work right next door to a gym. As hard as I pushed to keep my lifestyle the way it was, the universe pushed back. In the form of a pushy, loud, larger than life Australian.

So I went to go see the Aussie a couple times. Started working out at Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio located in downtown Denver and discovered it was actually a lot of fun. Then he subtly suggested I stop eating potatoes. Alright, I mean, I ate them frequently but I was already starting to feel better just from the workouts alone so maybe this guy knows what he’s talking about. Then it was suggested maybe I lay off the dairy. This was right about the time I started thinking the big Aussie was off his rocker. Then one morning as I was getting dressed I realized my clothes no longer fit right, they were suspiciously big and loose. Alright, so maybe I’ll stick it out a little longer…

Fast forward 10 months. I’ve lost 70lbs, (just hit that number today!) and my life has done a complete 180. I am now running, working out several times a week and the thought of eating a carb turns my stomach. I bought in 100% because I was tired of being that person. I was tired of pretending to be otumblr_m3eph9ipeV1qb2ur1o1_1280kay with who I was, at least on the outside. I had tried to make these changes before but for some reason this time it worked. A friend of mine says “the switch in my head flipped”, I don’t know what switch he’s talking about, I just know for some reason this time the changes are sticking.

So you see? I know exactly where the weight went! It went into a washing machine with my running/working out gear. It went into the tennis shoes that I have worn out! It went into a pan full of veggies that were roasted rather than cooked in butter or grease. It went onto a grill with lean meat rather than chicken nuggets from a bag. It went into the pavement every time I pushed myself to get up off the couch and go do something.

I know exactly where the weight went. I didn’t lose it!

I deliberately left it behind.

people running photo: White Running CantCatchMeFunnyRunning.gif


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They Won So Much More Than The Weight Loss

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 They took dedication to a whole new level

And vowed to take 50 days to change their stories.

Over the next several weeks we are going to delve into the lives of these 3 people and many more that chose to take part in the Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio 50 Day Total Body Transformation. We had so many success stories that we are so eager to share with everybody.

We want to share these stories to show people it’s possible! It’s possible to change your lifestyle! It’s possible to enjoy working out! It’s possible to change your eating habits! Most importantly, it’s possible to

become a fitter version of you.                                         tumblr_m3eph9ipeV1qb2ur1o1_1280

“This hiking adventure took place on Father’s day, near Deckers, CO, and the purpose was one that made me keenly aware of my mortality. My brother and I hiked to the top of that mountain to put my father’s ashes up there. My father died at age 58 from complications due to congestive heart failure as well as other fairly serious heart problems. I was 38 years old.

So here I am, sitting there, breathing hard and being mad at my dad for not doing the things that he needed to do. Then it dawns on me that neither am I.  I promised myself at that moment that I was not going to keep walking down that path anymore.”

Lynn Bruner

Click Hear To Read The Rest Of Lynn’s Blog

“Ever since high school, my weight has always been an issue for me. The guy I was dating at that time was very particular about how much I weighed. He used to tell me I would get really fat when I got older. I, unfortunately, bought into this and would call him after every meal to report what I had consumed. I ca50-Inspiritational-Motivational-Thoughts-quotes-and-memes-23n still hear his voice in my head today. Luckily I didn’t marry that loser.
…And this time, I am 100% motivated to see this through to the end – with one caveat. I will not listen to that voice in my head – I will be satisfied with my results and I will love my body.”
Christine Hudek
This is the time. Time to put myself first, sacrificing now to create the future I want for myself and my family. So many benefits already. While I certainly am enjoying the benefit of weight loss and inches, they will not outweigh all that I am gaining.
 It won’t happen overnight, but it’ll happen. One day at a time. Just do the next right thing.”
Rebecca Vega
They say it takes to weeks to create a new habit. We’ll take you through those first two weeks and so much more. With a staff of world class personal trainers, small class sizes with plenty of individualized attention, and a food plan that gets results and is easy to follow, you too can find the kind of success these participants have. Read further to get a sneak peek of the stories you’ll be privy to over the next couple of weeks. Bonza Bodies Fitness Studio in downtown Denver helped them change their story, let us help you!
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