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How To Train For a Denver 5k

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When people describe the city of Denver, Colorado it’s likely they’ll mention two things: how prominent the fitness lifestyle is here and how it’s considered an act of treason if you aren’t a member at REI. Being a Denver local myself, I think it’s safe to say we love our crazy outdoor activities and our Denver fitness lifestyle, in spite of Colorado’s manic, unpredictable weather we know oh too well.

With that being said, no matter how cold it might get in the winter time you can always count on there being multiple holiday Denver 5k races to be held well into January. Bonza Bodies just recently went and supported the Christmas Carol 5k Classic in downtown Denver.


Although the air was frigid the morning of the race, the sun had peaked just in time for the runners to begin the Denver 5k Christmas Carol Classic. It ended up being a beautiful morning and an extremely successful Denver 5k race as all the runners finished injury-free. Even Santa and his elves were there to congratulate the runners at the finish line!


Like with almost every sport, in order to be the fastest, strongest, and most efficient runner you can be it’s crucial to supplement running with strength exercises. When training for a race runners should work on targeting the key muscles that will keep them balanced during the race.

If you’re looking to run a Denver 5k race in the near future here are some exercises that will complement your running routine when preparing:

  • Bulgarian Split Squats (High lunge)
  • Plank variations: ex: side planks and single leg planks
  • Kettlebell squats with overhead press
  • Stability ball hip extensions
  • Shoulder press

No matter what sport or activity an athlete is preparing for, strength training and functional training should always be implemented in their workout routines in order to improve their overall performance. It could be preparing for a Denver 5k race, improving endurance while cross county skiing, increasing vertical jump, or wanting to be better at basketball. Of course, all of the examples I just provided are very different and would require different types of strength training depending on the sport or activity in mind.

So, that’s where Bonza Bodies comes in! The point of functional training is training the body for activities performed in daily life. When going to a regular gym there are mostly weight machines which target and isolate a single muscle group. As a result these movements don’t bear any relationship with movements performed in daily life or in their regular activities or sports.

Bonza Bodies and other functional training studios try and mold specific strength exercises to a clients needs whether it’s to lose weight, improve their triathlon time, etc. while improving joint mobility and stability helping with injury prevention.

If you’re in the area and are interested in Denver Fitness options come check us out! We’d love to meet you and help you achieve your fitness goals. You can learn more about us by clicking the link above or emailing us at



Workout On A Monday? 5 Reason You Should Never Miss One!

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It’s HARD to get up and get moving on Monday morning.

If you’re lacking in motivation and need help getting to the gym on a Monday, regardless of morning or evening, Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio has some legit reasons to NEVER MISS A MONDAY WORKOUT

1) You Need That Energy Boost.

– Weekends are killer, and if you’re like everybody else, they are chock full of activities and events and chores that need to be done. A Monday workout, like the Tighten Up class, held at Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio, will give you just the energy boost you need to keep motivated for the rest of the week and leave you feeling alive.

2) Everyone Knows, Working Out Makes You Happy!

– It’s a well known fact, working out pumps you full of endorphins that make you feel happier! And seriously, who doesn’t want to feel happy on a Monday?

3) Set Your Self Up For Success This Week!

– It’s a proven fact that starting an exercise routine on a Monday means you are more likely to continue with that routine or regime. Whether you’re starting anew or starting after a hectic weekend, a Strong and Functional class at Bonza Bodies Fitness Studio is sure to start your week off right!

4) Get In Some YOU time!

– Everybody needs a little “me” time, especially on a Monday as you’re going through the list of what the week holds! And there is nothing wrong with taking a little “me” time! So why not come down to Bonza Bodies and get in a workout! With our small, 10 or less, group classes you’ll get the personalized attention you deserve with your workout! You get the head clearing “me” time you’re in need of and the added benefit of some happiness inducing endorphins! Oh, and there’s also that thing about working out being good for you and all…

5) You Need To Sweat Out The Weekend Indulgences

– Whether you went a little heavy at the ice cream bar or your “other” favorite bar, we’re here to help you leave it in the past! In one of our Pyramid Fat Burning classes you’re sure to get in a workout to help you forget about that extra pint of… well, that extra pint of your favorite indulgence!


Regardless of the reason, our world class personal trainers here at Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio in downtown Denver want to see YOU. We are here to help you on the journey of becoming the fittest version of you that YOU want to be! So join us for a FREE Trial Membership and you’ll experience what a personalized small group workout should be! Above all, remember to stay true to Your goals.


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Want to Win at Weight Loss? Partner with Your Pants!

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Here I am sitting in front of my computer.

Blank screen staring me in the face. Writer’s block taunting me with the endless void of white…

And then I got to thinking. What is it about my job that I love?

Okay, yes, that’s actually a very long list and can vary greatly depending on the day. Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio, located in downtown Denver, 80202, is an amazing gym that caters to all levels of fitness and can help anyone get to the next step, whatever their next step may be. The long and the short of it is, I Love My Job. But what is it today that is motivating me?

And then I remembered, I told someone to “partner with their pants” today. Weird right? But when explained, makes perfect sense. And is Awesome.

Weight loss and fitness aren’t easy, not by any means. The journey can be tough and will take an emotional, physical and mental toll on you and your body. The rewards are astounding but sometimes slow to come, and if you’re an instant gratification person, such as myself, the process can be mind boggling and frustrating.

Enter: The Scale

That Torturous little device can, in one fell swoop, negate all the hard work you’ve done. All the meal-planning and calorie counting, all the sweating and panting, all the hard work of the past couple days is undermined by that hunk of plastic and metal.

Our bodies are fluid things, remember when they told you in grade school that we are roughly 70% water? Our weight is constantly shifting through out the course of a normal day. There are so many things that have a direct affect on your weight over the course of a single day.  Hormones, water intake, food intake, time of day, for women- time of month, etc. So why would you step on a scale daily or even weekly? The real results come over time.

Enter: Your Pants.

Doesn’t matter what you choose, they just have to be a little tight. When it comes to weight loss they’re your new best friend. So often weight loss will show up all at once. Leaving days or weeks between an actual change in the numbers when really the progress has been there all along. So find the ones that are tight and put them on, remember how they feel, take pictures. Now put them on weekly. Are they feeling more loose, more comfortable? Do you need a belt now? Good, because that means you’ve lost inches, that means you’ve toned your body that much more and lost that much more fat. Over time that adds up to weight lost, pounds shed.

Oh sure, step on the scale, you’ll want to make sure and verify your results. For the sake of your sanity and drive to create a healthier you, don’t do it more than once every other week. More ideally, once a month for women. Step on that scale in the morning too, before the effects of the day have their effect on your body.

The world class trainers at Bonza Bodies Fitness Studio all have a firm belief that weight loss isn’t always going to be reflected in the scale, at least not all the time. But with our small personalized classes and personal training offerings you will see those pounds come off. Just be sure to partner with your pants before you have an affair with the scale.

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Jamie Atlas


Why Bonza Bodies Focuses on Functional Workouts

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What are Functional Workouts?

I mean really, what the hell does that mean?

It means these workouts are movements you do in the real world, in your daily life! Exercises like these will help you move easier and struggle less with those daily movements that might normally leave your muscles tired or injured. You can do these workouts anywhere! You don’t need fancy equipment to improve the FUNCTION of your body. Why is this important you may ask?  Why does Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness and Personal Training, located in downtown Denver, 80202, focus so much on making sure your bodies are prepared for the hazards of our daily lives? Watch the video and then read below, it’ll hit home. I promise.

250lbs stopped inches from my 2 year old sons face.

This weekend I was putting recycling away on the side of my house.  It’s a narrow lane, with a fence tight up against the house so there’s just enough room to carry a large box when dumping the recycling. I dumped it out, took a half step back to turn and walk back into the house and backed up into my son and promptly started to fall.  He fell immediately at the impact of my body weight, and I immediately realized that I couldn’t step over him without risk of stepping on him with my full body weight.  Starting to fall back with him lying in the middle of the alley, I quickly tried to reach for pieces of the vertical bamboo fence to stop my fall, only to grab at flimsy strands that quickly snapped under my growing momentum.  I reached with the other hand to try to grab at the recycle bin but quickly let go when I saw the bin start to fall back on itself.  Somehow, in some kind of slow motion movie replay I did all I had left as an option and put a hand out to stop myself while trying to now stop the recycle bin falling over on top of my son with the other hand.  I was able to stop myself somehow with only a small sprain to my right hand, as I came to my final position, in essentially a side plank position with my son lying underneath, inches away from my ribcage.  Slowly moving myself into a safe position I picked up my now crying son and brought him inside.

I’m grateful to my body for saving me in what could have been more disastrous than I care to imagine.  I’m grateful to the functional 3-D training that I’ve spent my life dedicated to and for the moment that it was able to give me the ability to balance, control and stabilize my way out of that situation.  And yes, I weigh 250lbs.  I’m 6’7” – what did you expect?
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Jamie Atlas

My Turning Point

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That Moment

That Moment you WAKE UP

And realize you need a change.

We’ve All had one of the moments. We’ve all woken up and said, “No, I can’t do this anymore”. Regardless of the reason we have all said this about something in our lives.

Lynn Bruner shares that moment with us here. That moment when he realized he couldn’t continue on his current path. So instead he took the next fork in the road and found Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio, located in downtown Denver at 1800 Glenarm, and decided to participate in the Bonza Bodies 50 Day Total Body Transformation.

My Turning Point

So, I was having a bit of difficulty in finding my “turning point moment”. For those of you that aren’t sure what a turning point moment is, it is that point in time, where you realize what you’ve been doing isn’t okay anymore and you really want to change. I found my “turning point moment” while looking through some pictures and trying to find a “before” picture for last July’s Total Body Transformation with Bonza Bodies Fitness Studio (yes I procrastinated, but just a little). I managed to pull off a win during that challenge by losing 33.2 pounds and dropping 5.5% body fat, but back to my moment… So I’m looking through pictures and here are the ones that I took on a hiking trip with my brother back in 2010.


Now, beyond the easily understandable, “Whoa, is that a sweat stain?”, reaction that this picture has gotten, there it is. My moment. It happened right there, sitting on that rock and looking down at the valley. I realized at that moment I wasn’t nearly in the physical condition that I thought I was in, much less where I wanted to be. I was borderline dehydrated (genius call on the beer that you can see in the background, by the way). I really felt like if that trip had taken ten more minutes, I might’ve passed out, or had a heart attack right there. And that’s not the half of it.


This hiking adventure took place on Father’s day, near Deckers, CO, and the purpose was one that made me keenly aware of my mortality. My brother and I hiked to the top of that mountain to put my father’s ashes up there. My father died at age 58 from complications due to congestive heart failure as well as other fairly serious heart problems. In this picture I am 38 years old. At that time, my two children were 5 and 3.

At that moment, I knew I couldn’t keep doing what I had been. I was in worse shape than my father had been when he was 38, and I could clearly see where this lifestyle was taking me, if I continued on that path. I wasn’t just out of shape, I was cheating my wife and kids out of the only thing that I can give them that no one else can… me.

So here I am, sitting there, breathing hard and being mad at my dad for not doing the things that he needed to do. Then it dawns on me that neither am I. I promised myself at that moment that I was not going to keep walking down that path anymore.

Since that moment, I have been improving. Sometimes in hitches and starts, but I’ve generally been heading in the right direction. I’m currently still a good bit lighter and in a lot better physical shape than I was, and best of all, I’ve been acquiring the skills and tools necessary to make this permanent.

So, that’s the thing that keeps me going. Even when I fall down in the mud of life, I get back up and start moving in the direction I want to go. I want to enjoy my family and really be involved for as long as I can. They deserve that. They deserve… me. I deserve me.

What was your “turning point moment”?


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Jamie Atlas

Her Mantra? “No More Excuses”

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We ALL make excuses sometimes.

We ALL tell ourselves- “eh, I’ll get to the gym tomorrow”

We ALL should STOP making excuses for ourselves, excuses only weigh you down.

This Bonza Bodies Blog was written by a participant of the Bonza Bodies 50 Day Total Body Transformation. Excuses were taking her to a place she had never been, and like so many, had never wanted to be. Then she put aside the excuses, and took control again.

“I’m active. I love to hike, cycle, ski. I camp in the Summers, do 2-4 hikes a month on weekends, even the occasional hike or bike ride after work.  I used to get to the gym a lot too.

Then, how did I find myself 25 pounds heavier than I had always been? How was it that I, the hiker/biker/skier, found myself seeing a number on the scale I thought I’d NEVER see?

Life happened.

At least, that’s my excuse.

About a year and a half ago, I worked out all the time. I was working in Lakewood, near Red Rocks, and within walking distance from a major gym chain. I joined the Bonza Bodies Red Rocks Challenge. I changed my diet, worked out hard 3x a week, and I was in great shape!

Then I lost my job. No longer working in Lakewood, I didn’t want to drive to Red Rocks at 5:30 am. I started dating someone, and we ate out all the time. I got a new job downtown. I took the light rail in, and walked to the station from home. I wasn’t near, and didn’t drive past, a gym. My boyfriend liked me, and my body, for what it was. I had lots of excuses.

And those excuses worked. Worked in adding 25# to my frame! Worked in making my clothes tight, even going up a size here and there.  But I could still hike, my clothes hid things well.

Then I got an email from Bonza Bodies Fitness Studio in downtown Denver. “How about adding some accountability to your life? How would losing weight and getting healthy change your life? Join Bonza Bodies in our New Year challenge!”

My first thought was, “Wow, I need this.” My second thought was to be a bit embarrassed. There it was, yet another excuse not to do this for myself.

And you know what? Excuses are just that. Excuses. Getting up earlier to make it to the gym is not that hard to do; you get used to it. And hey, the light rail lets off 3 blocks away from the downtown Bonza Bodies Fitness Studio location. And sure, my job is on the other side of downtown, but it’s a nice 10 block/15 minute walk, OR there’s a convenient free bus that now picks up in front of the gym. Good food, real food, is not only easy to make, but you feel good after eating good food. And friends are supportive once they know what you’re doing. A club soda with lime is more refreshing than a glass of wine.

My excuses were all in my head. Now that I’m getting into a pattern of eating better, I sleep better. Getting up early isn’t as hard when you feel better. Clothes are already fitting better. My joints and knees don’t ache as much as they did when I fed them lots of fat and carbs.

It’s amazing how quickly you can get back into a healthy habit and feel better!”    –Jennifer Piehl

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Stay True To Your Goals

Jamie Atlas


You Have To Love Your Body

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This blog post was written by Christine, a participant in Bonza Bodies Fitness Studio’s 50 Day Total Body Transformation. Hearing her story reiterates how important it is to LOVE your body. Only through acceptance and love can we learn to change things. Partner with your body, don’t fight it. Let your body help you through this life rather than resent it.
“Ever since high school, my weight has always been an issue for me. The guy I was dating at that time was very particular about how much I weighed. He used to tell me I would get really fat when I got older. I, unfortunately, bought into this and would call him after every meal to report what I had consumed. I can still hear his voice in my head today. Luckily I didn’t marry that loser.
I managed my weight in the years that followed by hiking, dancing and watching my portions. I had two kids and lost all the baby weight each time. I hired a trainer and worked out hard three to four times a week. I was mostly happy with my body – but I still had that voice inside my head that told me I could be thinner. When I look back at pictures from that time I am amazed at how good I looked. Isn’t it funny how we are never satisfied?
Then came a nasty divorce and my weight plummeted to below 130 – I was wearing a size 2-4 without having to do anything. It was fabulous – the weight I mean, not the emotional turmoil of the divorce. It also helped that I was working as a pastry chef – running around a kitchen for 13 hour days and not eating anything until I got home. Not very healthy, right? I remember being in a dressing room trying on clothes and women imploring me to gain some weight.
So guess what happened? I fell in love, I hit 42, I started working in an office, I worked out but not as much, I dined out ALOT and I started loving tequila. BAM – the weight piled on. Slowly I was in size 6 and then size 8. Then I met Jamie Atlas. I started working out at Bonza Bodies Fitness Studio in the fall of 2011 and got my workouts back on track. They taught me to run,  tweaked my diet and motivated me. I ran the Boulder Bolder, I did the Warrior Dash, I finished a Spartan Race. I was a regular at 5am classes.  I was as fit as I had ever been and I was rocking my size 6’s on good days.
Then life got in the way. I underwent a major depression, quit my job and packed on the pounds. At the same time I discovered burlesque and began performing. While burlesque is accepting of all body types, when I watched my performance videos I was appalled. I got my depression under control, started a great new job, and knew it was time. Time to get my body back. And here I am, still with Jamie Atlas and Bonza Bodies – who supported me through everything.
And this time, I am 100% motivated to see this through to the end – with one caveat. I will not listen to that voice in my head – I will be satisfied with my results and I will love my body.”  – Christine Hudek
The world class personal trainers at Bonza Bodies Fitness Studio want everybody to love their bodies! Regardless of what your fitness level currently is or what you want it to be! They are there to help you partner with and better understand your body! From functional workouts to food plans we are ready to help!

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Stay True to Your Goals

Jamie Atlas

Looking For Success? Partner With The Right Gym!

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This blog post was written by Grace a participant in our 50 Day Total Body Transformation! It is easy to see why Grace has been so successful with this challenge, it’s reflected in the blog. She has decided to take action and hold herself accountable for making her goals and aspirations come true! She has given some great advice and inspired many people to take control of their own lives!

DOWNSIZING….such negative connotations.

“I’m sorry George but we are downsizing, and your entire department has to go” or “Gert lost her job, we are selling the house and downsizing to a 2 bedroom condo”  But fear not, this blog is about the good kind of downsizing.  Over the past decade or so I have slowly moved into the super deluxe, extra roomy, not so healthy Grace model… know the one with the bonus room in the back? (and in the front if we are being totally honest here.)  The extra large model is causing some problems for me, as you might imagine.

Big Grace is causing creeping blood pressure, Rheumatoid Arthritis flares and a real possibility that my kids will have to take care of me when they are trying to launch their own lives.

First step in downsizing me–find a great gym and trainers…one that understands where you are, what your goals are and will help you push through the barriers to get there.  I was introduced to Bonza Bodies Fitness last fall when I was given the opportunity through the American Heart Association to work out in their downtown Denver location, 80205, for 12 weeks.  Giant Grace would NEVER have gone to a place like Bonza (or rather a place like I would have assumed Bonza is)  There were really fit people there, the classes were intense. I was scared, but I went to one class and surprised even myself!  It was perfect.  Bonza is focused on helping you achieve your goals…so if you are already Super Sporticus and can do one finger push-ups while there is a pyramid of circus performers on your back and decide you want to swim from Hawaii from Japan, Bonza Bodies Fitness will help you set the course…..or, if like me, your goals are more modest like being able to do ONE push-up (sans circus performers, thank you very much) and maybe shed 100 lbs or so, they’ll help you set the course.  Of course whether you follow the course is up to you.  I lost 20 lbs in that 12 weeks.

Fast forward to January–3 week vacation and the holidays later…I didn’t gain any weight, but I lost motivation.  At exactly the right moment I saw Bonza Bodies 50 Day Total Body Transformation and decided–this is it!  I know I can make a lot of progress in 50 days, but I also know this is only the beginning. Jamie and Bonza Bodies can help me set the course, but whether or not I stay the course is all on me. I’m responsible for my success. The good news is I no longer think I can. I know I can.            -Grace Sprik Wilcox

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Stay True to Your Goals

Jamie Atlas

On a Weight Loss Journey? Eat at the Protein Bar!

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We’ve known it all along! A veggie and protein rich diet is a key weight loss factor!

And now there is a restaurant in Denver that serves just that!

We here at Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio would like to take this chance to welcome our favorite restaurant The Protein Bar into the neighborhood; like seriously, they’re blocks from our studio located in the 80202 area code of downtown Denver! And they serve the perfect meals to compliment our tailor made food plan for weight loss! Plenty of fresh vegetable and protein options! Oh and did we mention they also have an incredible vegetarian menu?

So naturally, we went to welcome them in person and maybe grab a few of our favorite meals.

protein bar salad

The above meal is a favorite of mine, light on the calores and high on the fiber.  Note that this salad has cheddar cheese on it, and depending on what level of our food plan you follow, you can have it with or without.  They won’t make a big deal out of it if you ask for the salad without it, I promise! Either way this is a protein packed, healthy meal, (with the flavors to back it up!) bound to leave you full and satisfied for hours after!

protein bar rito

If you’re eating on the go (because these days who isn’t?) or have been given the green light to add some gluten into your food plan, grab the salad and take it in hand with a wheat flaxseed tortilla! Guaranteed to fill you up and make you feel great!



The great thing about The Protein Bar, or at least one of the many, is they cater to ALL types of diets and needs. I can get my favorite bowl or salad any way I want, heavy on the broccoli please. Furthermore the flavor they manage to pack into all their dishes is from the food itself! Unlike the deep fried fat flavor we are served when we generally try to eat on the run (fast food anyone)?

So get OUT of your food rut and into the fresh flavors of The Protein Bar! (did we mention it’s awesome?)

cute mouse photo: NOM NOM MOUSE Omnomnom.gif
Stay True To Your Goals
Jamie Atlas

Workout To Get (And Keep) That Bonza Booty!

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The booty focused workout seems to get a lot of attention these days.

It seems like just yesterday no one wanted to acknowledge that they even had a butt and now they’re all the rage!

So how do we get the perfect booty?

Being ample just isn’t enough! We want round, firm perky butts! But lets face it, our sedentary, office encased lifestyle doesn’t exactly encourage our derriere to jump up and say “Notice me!” And, really, who knows what exercises will actually achieve these results? Squats and lunges and stairs, oh my! Thankfully we are all privy to the genius that is Jamie Atlas and the Bonza Bodies Fitness Trainers.

With their help we can all achieve the butt we want with the RIGHT functional body exercises we’ve come to expect from the world class personal trainers at Bonza Bodies. Skip the boot camp and the spin classes and the stair master! Here is the workout you need for the perfect Bonza booty.

If you are finding these moves too easy, don’t you worry! The advanced Perfect Butt moves are coming soon to a blog near you! You know you can’t wait…

And a special congratulations to all of our Ski Conditioning Participants! We love seeing all those sexy legs in class!

Like what you see?  Come perfect your moves at either the Downtown studio, 80202, or Lakewood, 80215, and on those busy days you just can’t make it in, keep the moves up from home!  Email or call 1-866-609-5004