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Denver Fitness Studio tells 5 Favorite Workouts For A Better Butt!

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This Denver Fitness Studio has cracked the ‘butt code’

Well, okay, maybe there are a few people who already have that on lock. But for the rest of us, our behinds leave us in a constant state of wonder: Why didn’t get a butt like that . Here are  Bonza Bodies’ 5 Favorite Workouts For A Better Butt!

Butt, seriously, you can have a butt like that! Rounder, perkier, firmer, whatever you want! These workouts, with time and dedication, can get you there. The simple fact, is that most of us just haven’t given our rear-ends a chance to live up to and meet our expectations! Most of the movement we do on a daily basis only work our glutes through one range of motion, not the 3-D movement we need to work out all the muscles in this all-important group! This includes hips and core too! So read on and give it a try, you’ll feel the burn in new places, I promise!  Whether you’re playing with us in our denver fitness studio location, up at our red rocks location or just having fun, these are the workouts you want to know.

1) The simple lunge- Yep, a simple lunge is the way to start working and toning your way to a firm derriere! When lunging make sure you keep your forward knee over your ankle. Going past your ankle stresses the knee and puts you at risk for serious injury! The lower you go the harder it is and the bigger the benefit! But if you can’t go low to begin with, don’t sweat it, you’ll get there!

2) The rotating lunge- An even better, more effective way to workout the gluteus maximus! This will elongate those muscles forcing them to work harder and this gets your core involved on a much deeper level than just a simple lunge. When you step forward as you bend the knee down you’re going to rotate towards the forward leg. So if you step forward with your right you’re going to turn towards you right! Don’t forget to watch that forward knee and keep it over the ankle!

3) The cross lunge- Are you sensing a pattern here? This is why we start you off with the basic lunge! All of these workouts are built off of that simple movement! With this one instead of stepping straight forward with you leg, your going to cross one leg in front of the other. So if you are lunging with your right leg, as you step forward you are going to put the right foot in line (or slightly further if your balance is on point) with the left. Now bend down into your lunge and twist to the right! Voila! You are now working out those muscles on several different planes (and improving your balance, no doubt)!

4) The resistance lunge- This one requires some equipment at home. If you don’t have any, don’t sweat it! You can get a perfect butt going through the exercises we’ve already talked about but if you’re in the mood for a challenge these next workouts won’t disappoint! Using a resistance band wrapped around something stable in your home stand to the side of the band and several feet away (you’ll know once you start using the band whether you need to move in or out depending on how difficult it is). When you grab the band it should come across your body. Whatever leg is closest to the band remains stationary during your workout, for explanations sake, let’s say it’s the left. Your going to grab onto your band in a standing position and here you should feel tension on the band. Your going to step back with your right leg into a lunge and as you’re bending down with the knee rotate left keeping your arms straight in front of you as you rotate. Here’s a video on this one!  Our denver fitness studio has all the good things you need to make this exercise happen, or you can do it at home!

5) Add Weight- So any of these lunges can be taken to the next level by adding a dumbbell or weighted ball in yours hands! Don’t force it but once you start to feel it a little less add some weight and the challenge will be yours to conquer again! If you don’t have weights at home put sand or a pre-measured weight of some sort in a bottle and watch your butt come to life!

You’ll do all of these workouts and more at Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio! So whatever muscle group you think needs work, I promise you, our top personal trainers and fitness experts will know the perfect workouts to whip ’em into shape! Known as the best denver fitness studio around, Bonza has won 5280 Top of the Town awards for Best Denver Gym 2014. and Denver’s Best Boot Camp 2011.  Bonza’s Founder Jamie Atlas is a perennial winner of best personal training. For more information email us at or click here to get your free assessment and start your 10 day free trial and experience Bonza Bodies.

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