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Personal Training: Calorie Restriction

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Personal Training:

I Can Eat Too Few Calories?

In the personal training world I see people obessing over their calories.

When making a decision that it is time to get back into shape and lose weight, we want to take the easiest and quickest route. Diet pills and starvation diets are usually what an individual finds as the quickest way to get to this goal. Unfortunately, low calorie diets can ultimately do more harm then good. When you starve your body by limiting your calories, you are also limiting your body from getting the necessary vitamins and nutrients that it needs. Although you might initially lose weight, overtime the lack of needed vitamins and minerals can lead to some form of nutritional deficiency.  Let’s face it, all the personal training in the world isn’t going to overcome a bad diet.

Deficiencies in nutrition will only jeopardize your health in the long run.

personal training should include advice on portion control

personal training should include advice on portion control

How few is too few when it comes to calories? This will vary from person to person depending on a person’s weight and their activity levels. It is recommended to stay above 1200 calories a day because when you consume less than 1200 calories, the body goes into starvation mode and it will store the fat instead of burn it.

The safest and most productive way of losing weight is to lose about a pound a week. This requires a 500 calorie deficit everyday. You can break it up by consuming 250 calories less than you normally eat and burning off 250 calories through exercise each day.

The negative impacts that women can experience with too few calories are irregular menstrual cycles and in extreme cases, no menstrual cycle at all. When you stop menstruating, your body slows down the production of estrogen. This lack of estrogen can lead to an increase in the risk of bone loss. A lack in calories can lead to an iron deficiency that can cause anemia because of the lack of proteins. Low protein levels can also negatively affect your immune system. When your immune system is down, you are at a higher risk for catching a cold or getting the flu. It causes a ripple effect.

See this link here for a spot by Jamie Atlas on what foods contain what calories

The thyroid is also affected when we do not consume enough calories. The starvation mode slows down our systems which can result in the feeling of being cold all of the time and have less energy. These issues can lead to mental issues like depression also.

Just remember that every person is different. Some individuals may find a greater success with counting their calories while others might overestimate or underestimate their daily caloric intake. If you are very physically active person, it is vital for you to consume an adequate amount of calories to re-supply the body with the calories that you burnt. This will re-energize your body so that you can continue to workout harder and run faster. If you don’t supply the body with the calories that it needs, it will only create a negative effect to your overall health. Not only will you feel tired and have no energy to keep up with your training, but it can also cause you to gain weight. Consuming an adequate amount of calories can lead to a successful attempt in weight loss and positively affect your overall health.

Stay True to Your Goals

Bonza Bodies Fitness

Portion Control, The Key to Weight Loss!

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Learning balance and moderation is key when changing your nutrition habits and lifestyle. Eating a balanced diet containing a diverse array of nutritious foods is imperative to weight loss and good health with proper portion control. But with America’s distorted perception of what a balanced diet is and what an acceptable portion size looks like it can be confusing to determine how much is too much.

As humans, we respond and react the most with the use of visuals. Most of us process information based on what we see. That’s why visual aids like “MyPlate” and the food pyramid have been extremely successful on a national level. So, the best way to determine what portion control looks like is to learn these simple visual cues that you can use at home, at restaurants, even at a party.

Check these visual aids out:

Protein: Such as chicken, beef, eggs, and turkey.

  • Size and thickness of your palm.

Starchy Carbs: Such as rice, pasta, potatoes and yams.

  • Size of your closed fist.

Fibrous Carbs: Such as broccoli, mixed greens, squash and spinach.

  • Size of two open hands

Fats: Such as avocado, olive oil, and raw almonds.

  • Size of half your closed fist


Once you have the visual cues down it will become easier to measure out food for the week after you’ve done your grocery shopping and you’re in the meal prepping stage. When measuring out portions it doesn’t have to be perfect, unless you’re measuring something high in calories, like peanut butter. Measuring and packaging your food for the week will do wonders in helping you attain your goals whether it’s weight loss, weight maintenance, or muscle gains.

Eating from the right size dishes and buying containers to match the proportions will make portion control a lot more attainable. For example, when having a bowl of cereal, have it in a small bowl or a coffee mug to avoid overeating. Cereal is a huge culprit when it comes to overeating, partly because of how big bowls have gotten. Being aware of how big the dish is that your meal is being served on will help you determine how much of your meal you should be eating. If you have large dishes at home it might be time to consider downgrading.

Okay, you all are probably thinking the same thing “If it was that darn easy to practice portion control every meal I’d be living the life and wouldn’t be reading this!” Portion control is all about winning the mental game. Portion control isn’t easy, but sometimes “easy” isn’t what’s best for us. But, knowing your limitations with food can become easier by using visual aids, measuring out your food for the week, using smaller dishes/lunchboxes & staying mentally strong.


“Eat like a Parisian: Eat slowly, savor your food and enjoy your company.”







If You Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail! Meal Prepping 101

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One of the biggest predictors of your success in losing weight or improving nutrition habits is based on how well you plan and prep your meals for the upcoming week! Spending less time meal prepping is associated with eating fast foods that lack nutritional value such as frozen dinners and packaged, processed foods. People who plan their meals and grocery lists and then spend a few hours prepping meals for the upcoming week are linked with having better dietary habits, such as eating more fruits and veggies! Everyone is crunched for time these days, so below I’ve provided some tips that will help you plan and prep your meals in a timely fashion!

Tip 1: Ideally, it’s good to eat every 3-4 hours, which breaks down into three meals and two snacks. When meal prepping, try your best to include a protein, healthy fat and some veggies! Be careful with the types of carbs you choose and don’t go overboard depending on whether it’s a high carb or low carb day and add the carbs when needed when you’re meal prepping. With every meal eat a fist size of protein and palm full of veggies!

meal preppingggg

Carbs: There are two different types of carbs, fibrous and starchy carbs. It’s important to eat both of them to maintain a balanced, fat-burning diet.

Some great options for starchy carbs are foods like oatmeal, sweet potatoes, whole-grain bread & raw fruit. Options for fibrous carbs are spinach, broccoli, mushrooms & asparagus!

Protein: Quick foods rich in protein that will give you your daily requirement of proteins are foods like eggs, nuts, almond butter, and protein shakes. For dinner options things like fish, chicken, and lentils can cook in minutes and are packed with essential proteins. Think lean meat options here.

Snacks: Meal prepping is also needed when it comes to your daily snacking! Snacks should be about ½ the size of a meal & should be about 100-200 calories for women and 200-300 calories for men.

The perfect on the go snack: Pear and/or apples with almond butter.. can you say YUM? That way you get some protein and a healthy carb with some fiber.

Tip 2: Pack a lunch box or your own to-go box when you’re out for the day. When making a grocery list think about some things you could pre make to pack in a lunch box such as salads, turkey, cut up veggies & fruit.

Tip 3: Have quick and easy snacks around the house that you can just grab and go! Some quick, healthy snacks would be apples, bananas, almonds, carrots or anything you can grab when you’re running out the door!

Tip 4: Better yet, keep a stash of healthy snacks in your car if you’re needing a pick me up. Almonds are a great snack to have in the car!

Tip 5: Having ingredients ready to go to make a protein shake after a workout or a healthy smoothie for breakfast in the morning is a great way to get all your nutritional value in for a speedy meal!

Tip 6: After planning your meals for the week create a grocery list, & stick to it! If you’ve planned what you’re getting at the grocery stpre you’re less inclined to splurge and get unhealthy snacks or junk food that you don’t need.

Tip 7: Buy fresh fruit and veggies & cut them up ahead of time, placing them in containers in the refrigerator, that way cooking and packing lunches takes far less time!

So, the take home message is if you want to succeed in weight loss always meal prep your meals and snacks for the upcoming week so you don’t have to worry about slipping up on your diet. It’s a smart and safe way to be in control of your nutritional habits & will help you avoid unhealthy fast-food options!


If you have questions on what kinds of foods you should be eating when meal prepping or would like to come workout with us email at

Healthy Food Swaps, Lose Weight Fast!

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Let’s face it, no matter how much we can turn around our nutrition habits everyone has a guilty pleasure when it comes to junk food. Provided below are healthy food swaps for common junk foods that we all have craved at some point. After reading this you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite junk foods in a healthier, alternative form that will leave you guilt free and satisfied!

Snacks like chips, pretzels, and foods that can easily be grabbed in handfuls here and there can really take a chunk out of your daily caloric intake without even realizing it. Salty snacks like chips have close to zero nutritional value resulting in short-term satisfaction. Think about it, when’s the last time you had one handful of tortilla chips when out to eat for Mexican food?

Healthy food swaps to chips & salty snacks:

  • Sweet & Tangy flavored almonds or pistachios
  • Kale chips
  • Beef or turkey jerky
  • Apple chips
  • Bean & rice chips
  • Sweet potato chips
  • Lightly seasoned edamame veggie snacks
  • Homemade veggie chips (you can thinly slice almost anything and bake it into a chip)
  • Roasted chickpeas
  • Endive leaves for dipping instead of chips

We also tend to crave other carb loaded treats like pizza, mac & cheese, and bread & pasta-based dishes. Yes, they’re all delicious but they usually make you feel tired and sluggish after eating them because your body has to work in overdrive to breakdown and store all of the sugars that are loaded into these heavy carb foods.

Healthy food swaps to high-carb foods:

  • Lettuce wraps instead of taco shells
  • Portabello mushrooms instead of hamburger buns
  • Eggplant instead of sliced bread
  • Instead of French fries try sliced carrots/butternut squash
  • Instead of lasagna noodles try eggplant or zucchini
  • Cauliflower is a great substitute for pizza crust, mac & cheese or mashed potatoes!
  • Oatmeal pancakes instead of flour-based pancakes OR try oatmeal & cottage cheese banana pancakes! J
  • Instead of pasta try:
  1. Organic soybean spaghetti
  2. Spaghetti squash
  3. Sweet potato noodles
  4. Black bean spaghetti
  5. Shredded cabbage
  6. Shirataki noodles

Like foods that are heavy in carbohydrates, sugary treats cause a huge spike in blood sugar because of the release of insulin in response to sugar intake. This can cause a vicious, repeating cycle of spikes in energy and an increase in the sugar cravings followed with an abrupt plummet of energy. A healthier way to get your sugar cravings in is to find healthy food swaps that will still satisfy your sweet tooth without putting your blood sugar through a rollercoaster of dips and dives.

Healthy food swaps to sweets:

  • Almond butter over peanut butter
  • Greek yogurt parfait instead of ice cream
  • Smoothies instead of ice cream
  • KIND bars
  • Baked apples stuffed with oats instead of cobbler
  • Frozen grapes or fruit kabobs
  • Fruit and cottage cheese
  • A square or two of dark chocolate
  • Low sugar sorbet
  • Hot cocoa w/ skim milk or almond milk
  • Nuts w/ a little honey drizzled on to

Below is a video of Bonza Bodies’ trainer Kayla sharing some of her favorite healthy food swaps!

If you have any questions regarding a trial workout at Bonza Bodies or interested in our specialized nutrition plan feel free to email us at

Want to Win at Weight Loss? Partner with Your Pants!

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Here I am sitting in front of my computer.

Blank screen staring me in the face. Writer’s block taunting me with the endless void of white…

And then I got to thinking. What is it about my job that I love?

Okay, yes, that’s actually a very long list and can vary greatly depending on the day. Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio, located in downtown Denver, 80202, is an amazing gym that caters to all levels of fitness and can help anyone get to the next step, whatever their next step may be. The long and the short of it is, I Love My Job. But what is it today that is motivating me?

And then I remembered, I told someone to “partner with their pants” today. Weird right? But when explained, makes perfect sense. And is Awesome.

Weight loss and fitness aren’t easy, not by any means. The journey can be tough and will take an emotional, physical and mental toll on you and your body. The rewards are astounding but sometimes slow to come, and if you’re an instant gratification person, such as myself, the process can be mind boggling and frustrating.

Enter: The Scale

That Torturous little device can, in one fell swoop, negate all the hard work you’ve done. All the meal-planning and calorie counting, all the sweating and panting, all the hard work of the past couple days is undermined by that hunk of plastic and metal.

Our bodies are fluid things, remember when they told you in grade school that we are roughly 70% water? Our weight is constantly shifting through out the course of a normal day. There are so many things that have a direct affect on your weight over the course of a single day.  Hormones, water intake, food intake, time of day, for women- time of month, etc. So why would you step on a scale daily or even weekly? The real results come over time.

Enter: Your Pants.

Doesn’t matter what you choose, they just have to be a little tight. When it comes to weight loss they’re your new best friend. So often weight loss will show up all at once. Leaving days or weeks between an actual change in the numbers when really the progress has been there all along. So find the ones that are tight and put them on, remember how they feel, take pictures. Now put them on weekly. Are they feeling more loose, more comfortable? Do you need a belt now? Good, because that means you’ve lost inches, that means you’ve toned your body that much more and lost that much more fat. Over time that adds up to weight lost, pounds shed.

Oh sure, step on the scale, you’ll want to make sure and verify your results. For the sake of your sanity and drive to create a healthier you, don’t do it more than once every other week. More ideally, once a month for women. Step on that scale in the morning too, before the effects of the day have their effect on your body.

The world class trainers at Bonza Bodies Fitness Studio all have a firm belief that weight loss isn’t always going to be reflected in the scale, at least not all the time. But with our small personalized classes and personal training offerings you will see those pounds come off. Just be sure to partner with your pants before you have an affair with the scale.

weight loss gif photo: Strength within you strength-within-you.gifInspired by what you’re reading? Want to learn more?

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And remember:

Stay True to Your Goals

Jamie Atlas


SuperBowl Sunday: A Weight Loss Survival Guide

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Surviving your Superbowl Party With Your Waistline Intact

superbowl food stats

This Sunday is the Superbowl (or big sports related party, depending on whether you’re into football or not) You’ll all want to cheat on your food plan.  You’ll forget all about the weight loss you’ve already had from your food choices you’ve been making.

You’ll also forget all about those well meant promises to yourself and go to town on the chicken wing platter.

As a personal trainer for 20 years now (14 years in Denver) I can tell you, it’s a sure bet that we’ll get an increase in attendance at our downtown Denver fitness studio post Superbowl.  It’s almost like Jan 1st all over again.

But I’m not going to tell you not to eat bad – in fact, I’m going to tell you HOW to eat off your plan

And you should. What do I mean by that? I mean you should eat off the plan. But here’s your 4 step strategy to eating off the plan without losing results.

superbowl kangaroosStep 1: Plan to bring something healthy to the party – call the host and offer to bring a big ol’ salad that you love making so you can help out. Either that or just bring it. Nobody’s gonna turn you away.

Step 2: Plan to get a solid workout in before you go to the party. This will boost your metabolism and make sure that the food you eat doesn’t go straight to the fat stores. Here’s a link for ya:

20 minute sample workout from Bonza Bodies on Vimeo.

Step 3: Decide On Your Targets

Here’s how it works.  You can choose either of the following:

2 bites of everything OR

one plate of your favorite choice of food that is there

After that you get to eat either the food you brought or the healthiest option at the party.  If anyone asks why you aren’t eating just punch them in the throat tell them you ate earlier that day and don’t feel hungry.  If they ask why you aren’t drinking then tell them you’re driving home and you know how the cops are on Superbowl day….. riiiiiight?

superbowl numbers

Step 4:  Focus on the game

The more you’re talking and learning the players names and betting on who has the biggest ego the less likely you’ll be to wonder if there’s any triple fried queso left over.  Enjoy the entertainment, try to pick when Katy Perry is lip syncing (hint:  it’s all the time) and see if you can spot things in the crowd that you’d only see at a superbowl game.  Like the smell of $13,000 dollar seats (and that’s before buying hot dogs and beer!)

superbowl party


I don’t care if you have to empty the sports team colored jello salad into your friends purse, you get that food out of the house.  You wouldn’t have it in there for any reason other than to celebrate the capitalist gathering that is the Bowl de la Super, so get rid of it before you find yourself exploring the fusion of turducken and 5 layer bean casserole for breakfast.

Above all, be safe and enjoy yourself.  Starting Monday, it’s back to the plan and back to the gym.  Enjoy, with this personal trainers blessing.

Be true to your goals,

Jamie Atlas

PS: Of course, I do live in Denver, one of the fittest cities in Colorado/the USA, so I may be slightly biased.

My Turning Point

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That Moment

That Moment you WAKE UP

And realize you need a change.

We’ve All had one of the moments. We’ve all woken up and said, “No, I can’t do this anymore”. Regardless of the reason we have all said this about something in our lives.

Lynn Bruner shares that moment with us here. That moment when he realized he couldn’t continue on his current path. So instead he took the next fork in the road and found Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio, located in downtown Denver at 1800 Glenarm, and decided to participate in the Bonza Bodies 50 Day Total Body Transformation.

My Turning Point

So, I was having a bit of difficulty in finding my “turning point moment”. For those of you that aren’t sure what a turning point moment is, it is that point in time, where you realize what you’ve been doing isn’t okay anymore and you really want to change. I found my “turning point moment” while looking through some pictures and trying to find a “before” picture for last July’s Total Body Transformation with Bonza Bodies Fitness Studio (yes I procrastinated, but just a little). I managed to pull off a win during that challenge by losing 33.2 pounds and dropping 5.5% body fat, but back to my moment… So I’m looking through pictures and here are the ones that I took on a hiking trip with my brother back in 2010.


Now, beyond the easily understandable, “Whoa, is that a sweat stain?”, reaction that this picture has gotten, there it is. My moment. It happened right there, sitting on that rock and looking down at the valley. I realized at that moment I wasn’t nearly in the physical condition that I thought I was in, much less where I wanted to be. I was borderline dehydrated (genius call on the beer that you can see in the background, by the way). I really felt like if that trip had taken ten more minutes, I might’ve passed out, or had a heart attack right there. And that’s not the half of it.


This hiking adventure took place on Father’s day, near Deckers, CO, and the purpose was one that made me keenly aware of my mortality. My brother and I hiked to the top of that mountain to put my father’s ashes up there. My father died at age 58 from complications due to congestive heart failure as well as other fairly serious heart problems. In this picture I am 38 years old. At that time, my two children were 5 and 3.

At that moment, I knew I couldn’t keep doing what I had been. I was in worse shape than my father had been when he was 38, and I could clearly see where this lifestyle was taking me, if I continued on that path. I wasn’t just out of shape, I was cheating my wife and kids out of the only thing that I can give them that no one else can… me.

So here I am, sitting there, breathing hard and being mad at my dad for not doing the things that he needed to do. Then it dawns on me that neither am I. I promised myself at that moment that I was not going to keep walking down that path anymore.

Since that moment, I have been improving. Sometimes in hitches and starts, but I’ve generally been heading in the right direction. I’m currently still a good bit lighter and in a lot better physical shape than I was, and best of all, I’ve been acquiring the skills and tools necessary to make this permanent.

So, that’s the thing that keeps me going. Even when I fall down in the mud of life, I get back up and start moving in the direction I want to go. I want to enjoy my family and really be involved for as long as I can. They deserve that. They deserve… me. I deserve me.

What was your “turning point moment”?


Like what you’re reading? Feeling inspired?

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Stay True to Your Goals

Jamie Atlas

How To Keep A Weight Loss Journal

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Effective Weight Loss Journal – Pro Tips.

A Journal Can Help You Create Goals and Maintain Progress.

Writing in a journal to help you transform you body and life (for weight loss or otherwise) should be so much more than just a ‘dear diary’ experience.

When we think about weight loss we often jump in without considering factors like habits, family, co-workers, business dinners.  It can be overwhelming (which is part of why the majority of weight loss efforts fail before they’ve even begun).

Here’s your ‘how to’ manual on setting up your journal for maximal effectiveness.  We’ve seen this work time and time again, so don’t take this lightly.  A journal is your very best friend in this journey.  It’s a way for you to create contingency plans but also to create a snapshot of your thoughts, opinions and image of yourself right now and use it to remind you of why you’re doing this.

Writing a weight loss journal is a way for ‘present you’ to encourage ‘future you’.

When you’ve got your journal, here’s the three steps you need to take (in order):

Purpose:  Create a comprehensive listing of reasons why you want to do this and create a sense of urgency.

Weight Loss Journal Page 1: Get It All Out

Draw a thick line across the middle and vertical half of the page, breaking the page into quadrants.  On the vertical axis write “I” in the top left side, and “NI in the bottom left hand side.  These letters are to represent IMPORTANT and NOT IMPORTANT. On the horizontal axis write “U” and “NU” on the left and right at the top.  The letters are to represent URGENT and NOT URGENT.

your front page of your journal should have these headings

your front page of your journal should have these headings

When you’ve done that, start filling in the boxes, writing all the reasons you want to lose weight.  Examples of urgent and important reasons might be health related, a wedding or family event coming up soon, a problem you’re facing that needs immediate attention.  Remember that this is your perspective right now.  Be honest, you’ll be the only one reading this. Some reasons will be about pain, anger, suffering.  Others will be about small things that aren’t necessarily earth-shattering but that you’ve missed and would like back.  Write it all down and don’t hold anything back.

Page 2: Your Goal(s), Your Support Network, Your Pledge To Yourself

Weight Loss Journal Page 2: Your Goal(s):

Here’s some stuff you’ve likely heard before, but bears repeating.  Goals should be SMART.  See the below visual:


Write down your goals  using the above as a template.  Yours might be weight focused, but feel free to throw a couple of others in there as well that are related – pant size, a key activity or task you’ve been struggling with – let your imagination go but follow the SMART rules.

Now break that down into 3 blocks of time and adjust the goal accordingly.  If you’re doing a 50 day challenge, make it ‘to lost 10 lbs by day 15’ then 20 lbs by day 30 then 33 lbs by day 50.  When you create smaller mini-goals you give yourself the chance to set your expectations and then rise to the occasion to meet them.

Weight Loss Journal Page 2: Your Support Network:

drinking opportunityWhat is a support network?  Well, let’s take a look at how you’ve done in your past efforts, shall we?  Where did you fall down?  It’s scary to tell others about your goals/efforts because if you fail, well you’ve got to look them right in the eyes, don’t you?  If you didn’t actually tell anyone, well then – did you really mean it?

Were you really ready to dedicate yourself?  It’s a question worth thinking about.  Do you have the courage to make this time different?  To tell others? To (gasp) ask for support? For people to knock the candy out of your hands, to not offer the donut to you when they’re being passed around the office and to invite you along to events but not treat you like a leper for not drinking alcohol as much as you normally would?

Top Half Of Your Support Network Page:

For the top half of this page you’re going to write down the people you’ll be able to lean on for different things.  Think about where you went wrong before – who would be the best friend for telling you all the reasons to keep working out?  Who do you know that makes the healthiest lunches that they bring to work all the time?  How is it that your co-worker is able to refuse those brownies when they get passed around at work?   You want a list of about 4-5 people you can ask to ‘keep an eye on you’ over the next 50 days.   They’ll be grateful for the opportunity to help – and you’ll be grateful and feel more committed to changing once you’ve asked them.

Bottom  Half Of Your Support Network Page:

For the bottom half of this page you’ll want to write down how you’re going to let your social network know.  This might be your family, your facebook, your co-workers.  Either way, get yourself out there and start talking about it.  Whether it’s a whiteboard on the fridge at home or a commitment to post some comment on your progress with this challenge on your own facebook then commit to it and write it down.  This is where you’ll write your commitment out and see it through.  Post at least weekly.

Weight Loss Journal Page 3: Your Pledge To Yourself


While there are many aspects I think the weight loss TV shows could do better (you listening out there, tv producers?) one of the areas I love watching is when they look back at themselves where they were.

In the video (told to the camera just before they first come in and start their journey) the ‘then’ person tells the future themself-version all about how much pain they’re in, how much they need this and why they need to keep going.

Now it’s time for you to do this for yourself. Write this story for yourself as if you’ve just achieved your goal.  Talk about how happy you are for your future you, remind the future you of the things you used to hate that you don’t have to live with now.

 Weight Loss Journal Page 4-?: Let’s Get Our Journal On!

Almost there – just a few minutes of set up left and you’re ready to go.

You’ve got yourself motivated, you know exactly where you’re going to go when you need help and you know all the different reasons why you’re doing this in the first place.  Here’s how to track your progress.  Note that you don’t have to journal EVERY day.  But commit to when you’re going to journal and do so.

On the 4th (and every page afterwards from here) you’re going to have the following headings:

1) My world in 7 words or less:  This is your summary of how you’re feeling at this moment in time.   Eg “Losing weight, feeling great.  scared of snacktime”.

2) Stress Response Retraining:

Fill in the rest of this statement:  “Today when I was stressed instead of reaching for food to feel better I ______.  That made me feel _______”.  This is important as it helps us remember what worked for us and what didn’t.

Here’s an example: “Today when I was stressed instead of reaching for food to feel better I looked at pictures of cats.  That made me feel warm and fuzzy because you know, cats!

3) Food you ate today: Just like it says.  Include portion sizes or calorie counts if you’re on a day where that’s important.

4) How you felt 30 minutes after each meal: As best you can remember – this will help you know if that was a good mix of protein, fats and carbs but also help you know when you tend to feel sluggish.  Our hormone profile can change depending upon what time of day it is and what carb/protein/fat profile we’ve just eaten.  In the early stages of eating expect to feel unusual simply because your body is missing sugar rushes and 7 hour energy boosts and is in part detoxifying.  The first week is always the hardest.  Once you’re past that, you’ll feel a world better.  This journal will help you see that.

5) Weekend Summary:

At the end of the week (or on a day of your choice) you need five headings – this will help you get a sense of a weekly review but also allow you to weigh in or try on a pair of special pants you’ve been wanting to fit into again.

  1. My score out of ten for this week for eating on plan:____
  2. What I can do to improve the above score by 5% next week:____
  3. How many times did I work out:____
  4. My weight/dress/pants size is now:____
  5. Any other changes I noticed about my body or anything else this week:

The effort is worth it – of course, this is simply what I’ve found works with my clients who have had the commitment to create and keep a journal.  A simple youtube video search can bring up a world of opinions on what to make.  For something a little more ‘colorful’, if you’re into cutting things out of magazines (other than letter of the alphabet for ransom letters, hopefully) then here’s a video below of someone else’s journal setup rule:

Happy journalling!  From all of the personal trainers in Denver and around the world thank you for taking care of yourself and being proactive with your own health.  It makes it so much easier when our clients stay on top of their behaviors the other 23 hours in the day when they aren’t in here working out with us!

On a Weight Loss Journey? Eat at the Protein Bar!

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We’ve known it all along! A veggie and protein rich diet is a key weight loss factor!

And now there is a restaurant in Denver that serves just that!

We here at Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio would like to take this chance to welcome our favorite restaurant The Protein Bar into the neighborhood; like seriously, they’re blocks from our studio located in the 80202 area code of downtown Denver! And they serve the perfect meals to compliment our tailor made food plan for weight loss! Plenty of fresh vegetable and protein options! Oh and did we mention they also have an incredible vegetarian menu?

So naturally, we went to welcome them in person and maybe grab a few of our favorite meals.

protein bar salad

The above meal is a favorite of mine, light on the calores and high on the fiber.  Note that this salad has cheddar cheese on it, and depending on what level of our food plan you follow, you can have it with or without.  They won’t make a big deal out of it if you ask for the salad without it, I promise! Either way this is a protein packed, healthy meal, (with the flavors to back it up!) bound to leave you full and satisfied for hours after!

protein bar rito

If you’re eating on the go (because these days who isn’t?) or have been given the green light to add some gluten into your food plan, grab the salad and take it in hand with a wheat flaxseed tortilla! Guaranteed to fill you up and make you feel great!



The great thing about The Protein Bar, or at least one of the many, is they cater to ALL types of diets and needs. I can get my favorite bowl or salad any way I want, heavy on the broccoli please. Furthermore the flavor they manage to pack into all their dishes is from the food itself! Unlike the deep fried fat flavor we are served when we generally try to eat on the run (fast food anyone)?

So get OUT of your food rut and into the fresh flavors of The Protein Bar! (did we mention it’s awesome?)

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Stay True To Your Goals
Jamie Atlas

Workout To Get (And Keep) That Bonza Booty!

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The booty focused workout seems to get a lot of attention these days.

It seems like just yesterday no one wanted to acknowledge that they even had a butt and now they’re all the rage!

So how do we get the perfect booty?

Being ample just isn’t enough! We want round, firm perky butts! But lets face it, our sedentary, office encased lifestyle doesn’t exactly encourage our derriere to jump up and say “Notice me!” And, really, who knows what exercises will actually achieve these results? Squats and lunges and stairs, oh my! Thankfully we are all privy to the genius that is Jamie Atlas and the Bonza Bodies Fitness Trainers.

With their help we can all achieve the butt we want with the RIGHT functional body exercises we’ve come to expect from the world class personal trainers at Bonza Bodies. Skip the boot camp and the spin classes and the stair master! Here is the workout you need for the perfect Bonza booty.

If you are finding these moves too easy, don’t you worry! The advanced Perfect Butt moves are coming soon to a blog near you! You know you can’t wait…

And a special congratulations to all of our Ski Conditioning Participants! We love seeing all those sexy legs in class!

Like what you see?  Come perfect your moves at either the Downtown studio, 80202, or Lakewood, 80215, and on those busy days you just can’t make it in, keep the moves up from home!  Email or call 1-866-609-5004