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Denver Fitness Studio tells 5 Favorite Workouts For A Better Butt!

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This Denver Fitness Studio has cracked the ‘butt code’

Well, okay, maybe there are a few people who already have that on lock. But for the rest of us, our behinds leave us in a constant state of wonder: Why didn’t get a butt like that . Here are  Bonza Bodies’ 5 Favorite Workouts For A Better Butt!

Butt, seriously, you can have a butt like that! Rounder, perkier, firmer, whatever you want! These workouts, with time and dedication, can get you there. The simple fact, is that most of us just haven’t given our rear-ends a chance to live up to and meet our expectations! Most of the movement we do on a daily basis only work our glutes through one range of motion, not the 3-D movement we need to work out all the muscles in this all-important group! This includes hips and core too! So read on and give it a try, you’ll feel the burn in new places, I promise!  Whether you’re playing with us in our denver fitness studio location, up at our red rocks location or just having fun, these are the workouts you want to know.

1) The simple lunge- Yep, a simple lunge is the way to start working and toning your way to a firm derriere! When lunging make sure you keep your forward knee over your ankle. Going past your ankle stresses the knee and puts you at risk for serious injury! The lower you go the harder it is and the bigger the benefit! But if you can’t go low to begin with, don’t sweat it, you’ll get there!

2) The rotating lunge- An even better, more effective way to workout the gluteus maximus! This will elongate those muscles forcing them to work harder and this gets your core involved on a much deeper level than just a simple lunge. When you step forward as you bend the knee down you’re going to rotate towards the forward leg. So if you step forward with your right you’re going to turn towards you right! Don’t forget to watch that forward knee and keep it over the ankle!

3) The cross lunge- Are you sensing a pattern here? This is why we start you off with the basic lunge! All of these workouts are built off of that simple movement! With this one instead of stepping straight forward with you leg, your going to cross one leg in front of the other. So if you are lunging with your right leg, as you step forward you are going to put the right foot in line (or slightly further if your balance is on point) with the left. Now bend down into your lunge and twist to the right! Voila! You are now working out those muscles on several different planes (and improving your balance, no doubt)!

4) The resistance lunge- This one requires some equipment at home. If you don’t have any, don’t sweat it! You can get a perfect butt going through the exercises we’ve already talked about but if you’re in the mood for a challenge these next workouts won’t disappoint! Using a resistance band wrapped around something stable in your home stand to the side of the band and several feet away (you’ll know once you start using the band whether you need to move in or out depending on how difficult it is). When you grab the band it should come across your body. Whatever leg is closest to the band remains stationary during your workout, for explanations sake, let’s say it’s the left. Your going to grab onto your band in a standing position and here you should feel tension on the band. Your going to step back with your right leg into a lunge and as you’re bending down with the knee rotate left keeping your arms straight in front of you as you rotate. Here’s a video on this one!  Our denver fitness studio has all the good things you need to make this exercise happen, or you can do it at home!

5) Add Weight- So any of these lunges can be taken to the next level by adding a dumbbell or weighted ball in yours hands! Don’t force it but once you start to feel it a little less add some weight and the challenge will be yours to conquer again! If you don’t have weights at home put sand or a pre-measured weight of some sort in a bottle and watch your butt come to life!

You’ll do all of these workouts and more at Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio! So whatever muscle group you think needs work, I promise you, our top personal trainers and fitness experts will know the perfect workouts to whip ’em into shape! Known as the best denver fitness studio around, Bonza has won 5280 Top of the Town awards for Best Denver Gym 2014. and Denver’s Best Boot Camp 2011.  Bonza’s Founder Jamie Atlas is a perennial winner of best personal training. For more information email us at or click here to get your free assessment and start your 10 day free trial and experience Bonza Bodies.

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3 Workouts For People With Bad Knees From Denver’s Best Gym

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3 Workouts For People With Bad Knees From Denver’s Best Gym

Whether you tweaked your knee on a hike, in the gym, or it’s a chronic problem for you.

Bad knees are a common problem and can kill your motivation to workout. The world class trainers at Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio are very skilled at adjusting workouts to make life easier for these poor abused joints. And they’ve kindly agreed to share 3 of their favorite knee safe workouts with us today! These exercises will get you moving and sweating in new ways while taking the stress off your pained knees and training your body to move in different ways!

Your knees need time to recover from an injury and you’re not doing yourself any favors by trying to push through the pain. Your likely to end up doing more damage because pain and fatigue makes it hard for us to move appropriately and you’re likely to end up doing an exercise wrong, compounding the problem, rather than helping! So give yourself a break and try these low impact workouts!

1) Side Lunge– So we’re all familiar with the standard lunge which puts a lot of stress and weight directly on both knees, especially the front knee, and can really hurt when your trying to nurse a knee back to health! Try a side lunge instead! Standing square, step to the side with your right leg bending the left knee. This puts the weight on the side ligaments of your knee vs the front, which is where most injuries occur. Rinse and repeat on the other side.

2) One Legged Hip Tilt- Standing square, slowly bend at the waist. As you bend keep your right leg straight and raise it off the ground so that you are bearing all of your weight in the left leg. But, you have to make sure to keep a slight bend in your left knee, like 15-20%, do not lock your left knee in place! This exercise is not only great for pained knees but will help improve your balance as well! This exercise strengthens your lower back and core muscles which, in turn, will help relieve your legs of some of their duties of weight bearing and movement.

3) Front Loaded Box Squat- Grab a chair and a weight. The lower the chair, the more challenging this exercise is. Holding your weight to your chest slowly with both arms, sink down to the chair and touch your butt very briefly to the seat before rising. Don’t sit all the way down! The goal is to just tap the seat with your rear end. The challenge with this exercise is making sure you shift your weight to your heels! You should be able to lift your toes off the ground while doing this workout, if you’re doing it properly! This workout takes the load off the front, and most temperamental, ligament of the knee and shifts the load to the back. Not only is this a knee safe workout but it will actually help you train your body to move and bear weight in a different way!

You’ll do all of these exercise and more during one of our small group classes at Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio. Our personal trainers have been voted Denver’s best year after year for a reason! They’ll help you and work with you to meet your goals! So come on in for a free assessment and get started with our Free 10 Day Trial! I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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Workout On A Monday? 5 Reason You Should Never Miss One!

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It’s HARD to get up and get moving on Monday morning.

If you’re lacking in motivation and need help getting to the gym on a Monday, regardless of morning or evening, Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio has some legit reasons to NEVER MISS A MONDAY WORKOUT

1) You Need That Energy Boost.

– Weekends are killer, and if you’re like everybody else, they are chock full of activities and events and chores that need to be done. A Monday workout, like the Tighten Up class, held at Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio, will give you just the energy boost you need to keep motivated for the rest of the week and leave you feeling alive.

2) Everyone Knows, Working Out Makes You Happy!

– It’s a well known fact, working out pumps you full of endorphins that make you feel happier! And seriously, who doesn’t want to feel happy on a Monday?

3) Set Your Self Up For Success This Week!

– It’s a proven fact that starting an exercise routine on a Monday means you are more likely to continue with that routine or regime. Whether you’re starting anew or starting after a hectic weekend, a Strong and Functional class at Bonza Bodies Fitness Studio is sure to start your week off right!

4) Get In Some YOU time!

– Everybody needs a little “me” time, especially on a Monday as you’re going through the list of what the week holds! And there is nothing wrong with taking a little “me” time! So why not come down to Bonza Bodies and get in a workout! With our small, 10 or less, group classes you’ll get the personalized attention you deserve with your workout! You get the head clearing “me” time you’re in need of and the added benefit of some happiness inducing endorphins! Oh, and there’s also that thing about working out being good for you and all…

5) You Need To Sweat Out The Weekend Indulgences

– Whether you went a little heavy at the ice cream bar or your “other” favorite bar, we’re here to help you leave it in the past! In one of our Pyramid Fat Burning classes you’re sure to get in a workout to help you forget about that extra pint of… well, that extra pint of your favorite indulgence!


Regardless of the reason, our world class personal trainers here at Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio in downtown Denver want to see YOU. We are here to help you on the journey of becoming the fittest version of you that YOU want to be! So join us for a FREE Trial Membership and you’ll experience what a personalized small group workout should be! Above all, remember to stay true to Your goals.


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Shoulder Workout with 5 Bonza Exercises

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How much do you do on a daily basis that requires your shoulders to move or lift? We use our shoulders often, here is a workout to strengthen your shoulders.

Our shoulders have the biggest range of motion of any joint in the body. And, the  muscles that attach at the shoulder to move properly should be strong. Here are 5 shoulder exercises that makes a great workout and strengthen those muscles.

But, for most of us (especially those of us that sit behind a desk all day), it can be one of the weakest areas in the body. Compound that with weak, abused, ill-used muscles and your shoulders are an injury waiting to happen. That is why a good shoulder workout is important.

At Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio we believe in functional fitness. That means, our personal and small group class instructors are trained to get, and keep, our bodies ready for real world use and movement. Shoulders get the brunt of a lot of our daily activities and not nearly enough love! But, fear not! Here are 5 of our favorite workouts for strong, functional shoulders. Workouts like these will keep your posture right, your shoulders injury free, and rockin’ the tank tops!IMG_1121

1) Sun Blocker Workout– Stand with feet shoulder width apart holding a pair of dumbbells or weights of some sort. Holding the dumbbells at shoulder height squat and as you return to standing rotate your upper body to the right and fully extend your right arm back and up. Make sure to keep your head turned toward the arm that is extending and keep your eyes on your hand. Repeat to the left! Oh, and this can be done without the squat if your knees are a little tweaky.



IMG_11312) Reverse Push-Up Workout– Using a TRX, stand with your feet shoulder width apart and in a slow, controlled movement lean back until your arms are fully extended. Then using your arms, shoulders and core, return to standing, separating your hands and pulling to either side of the chest. If this is too easy shift your feet several inches in front
of you and repeat until you are engaging your entire upper body! The tilt back has to be slow and controlled though, otherwise you’re losing some of the benefits of this shoulder blasting workout!



3) High Plank with Rotation Workout– Starting in a 4 point plank without shoulder width apart, lift your right hand and rotate it towards the ceiling. As you rotate your shoulder let your heels fall to the side and your upper body rotate to the right to allow full expression and range in the pose. This exercise strengthens the muscles that stabilize your shoulder and can really increase your range of motion! Repeat with the other arm! A great modification, if you find this a little too challenging, is bringing the knee of the down leg to the floor!



4) Deltoid Strengthener Workout- Standing with your feet shoulder width apart and holding a dumbbell in each hand, start with your wrists/palms facing out and arms at your side. Keeping your arms fully extended bring your hands to shoulder level. As you are raising your arms rotate your hands so they end up palm down.



5) Standing with your feet slightly apart, hold a sandbell or other weight that can be held in one hand. While standing in place press up with the arm holding the weight and bring the same leg up simultaneously. You can extend your other arm out the side slightly to help you balance. To give this exercise a little boost press the weight up at the end of a lunge! Repeat on the opposite side



You will do all of these exercises and more with our world class personal trainers at Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio in downtown Denver! Come take a class with us using our Free 10 Day Trial or you can email us for more information at!

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5 Ways To Beat Muscle Soreness

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It’s normal to be sore after a hardcore workout, so here are 5 ways to beat muscle soreness.

Especially a Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness workout like the Tighten Up class!

But when you’re feeling it the next day, or even later on that day, how do you get your muscles to stop yelling at you?

1) Sometimes, your muscles are going to be sore and it may not be from overuse. Try doing some light exercise! I know, it sounds like the last thing you want to do but seriously, give it a try! Light exercise will get the blood pumping and warm up your muscles, which will loosen them back up! Be careful though! Fatigued muscles a more likely to be injured or cause injuries in other places from over compensation.

2) Break out the ice! My favorite way to beat sore legs is to do a cold water bath right after my Run Training class at Bonza Bodies. And while I don’t recommend taking a full on cold shower after a workout (brrrrrr!!!!!!!), a little cold therapy on your legs or arms, after you’ve allowed your muscles to sufficiently cool down from your workout, can do wonders for sore muscles. Want to give Bonza’s Run Training a try, try out Bonza with our FREE Trial Membership

3) Water, water, everywhere and not a drop to drink! You’ve just sweat a good bit, I’m guessing, and that can leave your muscles a bit sad and dry. Muscle soreness doesn’t necessarily mean your dehydrated but if you’re not drinking enough water that will definitely slow down your recovery from that rockin’ Pyramid Fat Burner class you just did at Bonza Bodies!

4) Soak it all up! Or you know, take a warm bath with some epsom salts. Epsom salts are phenomenal for muscle soreness, they draw out all the toxins left behind from an intense workout! These toxins, known as lactic acid, build up in the muscles after an intense workout and the magnesium in the epsom salts will help the body dispel of this! Added bonus: epsom salts are extremely inexpensive to buy! Yay!

5) Yoga anyone? Yep, yoga is another great way to beat muscle soreness. Yoga is all about stretching and moving and holding long poses. These long poses give your muscles a chance to gently unwind as you breathe and rejuvenate! A restorative yoga class is a great option as well! It gives you an chance to stretch and breath, as in a normal yoga class, but all of the poses are completely supported! So you can relax completely into the pose!

Whatever the cause and cure of your muscle soreness, the world class personal trainers at Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio are there to help you through it! Even if we did cause it! Don’t be afraid to ask out trainers for modifications or any questions you may have! And if you haven’t had sore muscles in awhile and want to feel the burn again come on in for a FREE Trial Membership ! If you are interested in learning more please contact us at And, as always, Stay True To Your Goals: