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5 Ways To Beat Muscle Soreness

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It’s normal to be sore after a hardcore workout, so here are 5 ways to beat muscle soreness.

Especially a Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness workout like the Tighten Up class!

But when you’re feeling it the next day, or even later on that day, how do you get your muscles to stop yelling at you?

1) Sometimes, your muscles are going to be sore and it may not be from overuse. Try doing some light exercise! I know, it sounds like the last thing you want to do but seriously, give it a try! Light exercise will get the blood pumping and warm up your muscles, which will loosen them back up! Be careful though! Fatigued muscles a more likely to be injured or cause injuries in other places from over compensation.

2) Break out the ice! My favorite way to beat sore legs is to do a cold water bath right after my Run Training class at Bonza Bodies. And while I don’t recommend taking a full on cold shower after a workout (brrrrrr!!!!!!!), a little cold therapy on your legs or arms, after you’ve allowed your muscles to sufficiently cool down from your workout, can do wonders for sore muscles. Want to give Bonza’s Run Training a try, try out Bonza with our FREE Trial Membership

3) Water, water, everywhere and not a drop to drink! You’ve just sweat a good bit, I’m guessing, and that can leave your muscles a bit sad and dry. Muscle soreness doesn’t necessarily mean your dehydrated but if you’re not drinking enough water that will definitely slow down your recovery from that rockin’ Pyramid Fat Burner class you just did at Bonza Bodies!

4) Soak it all up! Or you know, take a warm bath with some epsom salts. Epsom salts are phenomenal for muscle soreness, they draw out all the toxins left behind from an intense workout! These toxins, known as lactic acid, build up in the muscles after an intense workout and the magnesium in the epsom salts will help the body dispel of this! Added bonus: epsom salts are extremely inexpensive to buy! Yay!

5) Yoga anyone? Yep, yoga is another great way to beat muscle soreness. Yoga is all about stretching and moving and holding long poses. These long poses give your muscles a chance to gently unwind as you breathe and rejuvenate! A restorative yoga class is a great option as well! It gives you an chance to stretch and breath, as in a normal yoga class, but all of the poses are completely supported! So you can relax completely into the pose!

Whatever the cause and cure of your muscle soreness, the world class personal trainers at Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio are there to help you through it! Even if we did cause it! Don’t be afraid to ask out trainers for modifications or any questions you may have! And if you haven’t had sore muscles in awhile and want to feel the burn again come on in for a FREE Trial Membership ! If you are interested in learning more please contact us at And, as always, Stay True To Your Goals: