Award Winning Meets Corporate Wellness

Considering Denver and Colorado are amongst some of the most fit areas, corporate wellness can be easily overlooked or ignored. Bonza Bodies’ Denver Fitness Studio now offers something for those that see the value in having a corporate wellness program that reflects the values of performance, vitality and longevity.

Whether you’re looking for personal training for executive management, large group workouts for valued employees or a complete cultural overhaul, Bonza Bodies offers fitness, exercise, nutrition, educational seminars and much more to give you a specialized solution that speaks to your corporate wellness needs.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to our corporate wellness ambassadors by emailing  or call  1-866 609-5004.

Corporate groups in and around Denver that have experienced ‘the Bonza Bodies Corporate Wellness Experience’:

  • American Heart Association
  • LiveWell Colorado
  • PorchLight Real Estate Group
  • Lockton Insurance
  • Gates Rubber Company
  • PCL Construction
  • Great West Insurance
  • Mountain State Employer’s Council
  • Quest Diagnostics

How are the Bonza Bodies Fitness Corporate Wellness Programs any different than other programs?

We custom-build high touch and personalized health, wellness and activity programs that are designed to work within our clients current business models to transform their largest asset into healthier, more productive employees while building another level of community within the workplace.

Bonza Bodies corporate wellness is an evidence-based, cost-effective program that compliments the needs, goals and professionalism of the corporate environment. We’ve created a team that shares a common vision to help companies improve their corporate culture and therefore bottom line, benefit the communities they embrace, and nurture the relationships they value.

The Bonza Bodies Corporate Wellness Philosophy:

We believe in creating an environment/culture of health and wellness within the workplace through a company specific, individualized approach to both the corporation and their employees.

  • Working with the employer to understand what has been tried, what results/variables are most important, and what first steps can make the most effective change within the company.
  • Making an effort to first know the employees, their needs, restrictions, hopes and goals
  • Creating a community/culture of health and wellness within the workplace.

We foster a community of quality human beings that can work hard and call it play, sweat hard and call it fun, encourage others and call it “just a part of how we do things here”.

Bonza Bodies Corporate Wellness programs include:

  • Personalized attention for both the company and the employees specific needs
  • Specialty fitness classes for different segments of the employee population
  • Specialized emails and individual workouts for participating employees that have completed the individual entry
  • Orientation/launch party to create momentum & interest for results to come.
  • Specialized nutritional education
  • Health and wellness strategies within the corporate environment that have both a local and global effect on company and employee directives

Why Choose Bonza Bodies for your Denver Office Corporate Wellness Program?

  • On-site workout programs designed to meet your time and scheduling needs
  • Results based exercise program design
  • Team of qualified professionals – personal trainers/coaches, registered nutritionist, wellness and life coaches, physical therapist, laboratory services
  • Nutrition plans to assist in weight/fat loss and promote healthy weight management
  • Clinical Reference Laboratory Services; complete clinical testing and laboratory analysis
  • Engaging and custom events to promote program participation increase morale, communication and job satisfaction
  • Regular information emails, links and videos along with weekly communication with program manager to ensure