Why Bonza Bodies Focuses on Functional Workouts

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What are Functional Workouts?

I mean really, what the hell does that mean?

It means these workouts are movements you do in the real world, in your daily life! Exercises like these will help you move easier and struggle less with those daily movements that might normally leave your muscles tired or injured. You can do these workouts anywhere! You don’t need fancy equipment to improve the FUNCTION of your body. Why is this important you may ask?  Why does Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness and Personal Training, located in downtown Denver, 80202, focus so much on making sure your bodies are prepared for the hazards of our daily lives? Watch the video and then read below, it’ll hit home. I promise.

250lbs stopped inches from my 2 year old sons face.

This weekend I was putting recycling away on the side of my house.  It’s a narrow lane, with a fence tight up against the house so there’s just enough room to carry a large box when dumping the recycling. I dumped it out, took a half step back to turn and walk back into the house and backed up into my son and promptly started to fall.  He fell immediately at the impact of my body weight, and I immediately realized that I couldn’t step over him without risk of stepping on him with my full body weight.  Starting to fall back with him lying in the middle of the alley, I quickly tried to reach for pieces of the vertical bamboo fence to stop my fall, only to grab at flimsy strands that quickly snapped under my growing momentum.  I reached with the other hand to try to grab at the recycle bin but quickly let go when I saw the bin start to fall back on itself.  Somehow, in some kind of slow motion movie replay I did all I had left as an option and put a hand out to stop myself while trying to now stop the recycle bin falling over on top of my son with the other hand.  I was able to stop myself somehow with only a small sprain to my right hand, as I came to my final position, in essentially a side plank position with my son lying underneath, inches away from my ribcage.  Slowly moving myself into a safe position I picked up my now crying son and brought him inside.

I’m grateful to my body for saving me in what could have been more disastrous than I care to imagine.  I’m grateful to the functional 3-D training that I’ve spent my life dedicated to and for the moment that it was able to give me the ability to balance, control and stabilize my way out of that situation.  And yes, I weigh 250lbs.  I’m 6’7” – what did you expect?
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Interested in learning more about functional fitness and what Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness and Personal Training is all about? Contact us at info@bonzabodies.com.

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