How To Train For a Denver 5k

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When people describe the city of Denver, Colorado it’s likely they’ll mention two things: how prominent the fitness lifestyle is here and how it’s considered an act of treason if you aren’t a member at REI. Being a Denver local myself, I think it’s safe to say we love our crazy outdoor activities and our Denver fitness lifestyle, in spite of Colorado’s manic, unpredictable weather we know oh too well.

With that being said, no matter how cold it might get in the winter time you can always count on there being multiple holiday Denver 5k races to be held well into January. Bonza Bodies just recently went and supported the Christmas Carol 5k Classic in downtown Denver.


Although the air was frigid the morning of the race, the sun had peaked just in time for the runners to begin the Denver 5k Christmas Carol Classic. It ended up being a beautiful morning and an extremely successful Denver 5k race as all the runners finished injury-free. Even Santa and his elves were there to congratulate the runners at the finish line!


Like with almost every sport, in order to be the fastest, strongest, and most efficient runner you can be it’s crucial to supplement running with strength exercises. When training for a race runners should work on targeting the key muscles that will keep them balanced during the race.

If you’re looking to run a Denver 5k race in the near future here are some exercises that will complement your running routine when preparing:

  • Bulgarian Split Squats (High lunge)
  • Plank variations: ex: side planks and single leg planks
  • Kettlebell squats with overhead press
  • Stability ball hip extensions
  • Shoulder press

No matter what sport or activity an athlete is preparing for, strength training and functional training should always be implemented in their workout routines in order to improve their overall performance. It could be preparing for a Denver 5k race, improving endurance while cross county skiing, increasing vertical jump, or wanting to be better at basketball. Of course, all of the examples I just provided are very different and would require different types of strength training depending on the sport or activity in mind.

So, that’s where Bonza Bodies comes in! The point of functional training is training the body for activities performed in daily life. When going to a regular gym there are mostly weight machines which target and isolate a single muscle group. As a result these movements don’t bear any relationship with movements performed in daily life or in their regular activities or sports.

Bonza Bodies and other functional training studios try and mold specific strength exercises to a clients needs whether it’s to lose weight, improve their triathlon time, etc. while improving joint mobility and stability helping with injury prevention.

If you’re in the area and are interested in Denver Fitness options come check us out! We’d love to meet you and help you achieve your fitness goals. You can learn more about us by clicking the link above or emailing us at


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