If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

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That has become my attitude when it comes to watching TV. But don’t get too excited — it doesn’t mean we can hang out on the couch together, throwing back potato chips and pints of Ben & Jerry’s. No, no, no. What I mean is that I’m okay with you watching your favorite shows — in moderation — as long as you make good use of the commercial breaks. Here’s how:

TV exerciseMake a plan. Create a list of 4 exercises and 4 stretches you know and love. Make them things that won’t require a bunch of fancy equipment. Try using paper plates.

30 second drill. When a commercial comes on, start your way through the list, alternating exercise and stretches every commercial. There are rarely more than 4 commercials (unless you’re watching a Survivor season finale!) so you should be able to get through 2 stretches and 2 exercises, enough to get you moving but not enough to make you feel like you’re going to drown in your own sweat.

Half-timer break. Once you’ve done 2 full sets of your exercises and stretches, next commercial break get up and grab a glass of water. Repeat until your show is over (feel free to substitute a glass of water with a bathroom break if you’re watching a 2 hour special)! Avoid grabbing a handful of snacks on the way through — mindless eating happens most often when watching TV!

There’s no real substitute for a well constructed workout with your favorite trainer. But I get it, there’s a lot of addicting stuff on TV. And honestly, I’d rather you get hooked on a show than a snack.

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