Running Hacks

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We tore it up on 9News last week for their Workout Wednesday series and have had great feedback from our friends.  As personal trainers, we work on functional training, which means training for everyday body movements. What you learn in the gym should translate into your movement in real life. You twist here, bend there, lift like this, and so on.

I’ll admit, if you’re not a runner (and you’re not frequently being chased), you might not consider running “functional,” but even if your idea of a run is chasing after the kids, there’s a healthy way to train your body for those movements. Here are a few exercises I did with Corey Rose on 9News:

Some of it is about speed, some is about range of motion and, as always, there’s a focus on how the entire body works together. Training for running (or anything) isn’t about isolating a specific muscle group. It’s about total body training to build strength and stamina, and prevent injury.

Give these exercises a try at home, and join us in one of our classes — or at Red Rocks! — for more.

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