Workout On A Monday? 5 Reason You Should Never Miss One!


It’s HARD to get up and get moving on Monday morning.

If you’re lacking in motivation and need help getting to the gym on a Monday, regardless of morning or evening, Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio has some legit reasons to NEVER MISS A MONDAY WORKOUT

1) You Need That Energy Boost.

– Weekends are killer, and if you’re like everybody else, they are chock full of activities and events and chores that need to be done. A Monday workout, like the Tighten Up class, held at Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio, will give you just the energy boost you need to keep motivated for the rest of the week and leave you feeling alive.

2) Everyone Knows, Working Out Makes You Happy!

– It’s a well known fact, working out pumps you full of endorphins that make you feel happier! And seriously, who doesn’t want to feel happy on a Monday?

3) Set Your Self Up For Success This Week!

– It’s a proven fact that starting an exercise routine on a Monday means you are more likely to continue with that routine or regime. Whether you’re starting anew or starting after a hectic weekend, a Strong and Functional class at Bonza Bodies Fitness Studio is sure to start your week off right!

4) Get In Some YOU time!

– Everybody needs a little “me” time, especially on a Monday as you’re going through the list of what the week holds! And there is nothing wrong with taking a little “me” time! So why not come down to Bonza Bodies and get in a workout! With our small, 10 or less, group classes you’ll get the personalized attention you deserve with your workout! You get the head clearing “me” time you’re in need of and the added benefit of some happiness inducing endorphins! Oh, and there’s also that thing about working out being good for you and all…

5) You Need To Sweat Out The Weekend Indulgences

– Whether you went a little heavy at the ice cream bar or your “other” favorite bar, we’re here to help you leave it in the past! In one of our Pyramid Fat Burning classes you’re sure to get in a workout to help you forget about that extra pint of… well, that extra pint of your favorite indulgence!


Regardless of the reason, our world class personal trainers here at Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio in downtown Denver want to see YOU. We are here to help you on the journey of becoming the fittest version of you that YOU want to be! So join us for a FREE Trial Membership and you’ll experience what a personalized small group workout should be! Above all, remember to stay true to Your goals.


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