Denver Personal Training Studio Location

How To Get To Our Denver Personal Training Studio?

Kitty corner to the Trinity Church and across the road from the Brown Palace, our Denver personal training studio is contained within the 1800 Glenarm Place building (basement level). Some know it as 18th and Broadway, others as ‘that triangle shaped building‘. Either way, we aren’t able to put signage on our building. So think of us as an exclusive LA speakeasy bar that doesn’t want anyone to know we exist. Except without all the attitude and expensive martinis 🙂

Address:  1800 Glenarm Place, Denver CO 80202 (basement level)

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If you’re coming to our Denver personal training studio for the first time, here’s some important things to know:


We have them.  Also a bathroom for men and women as well in case you need to get all glammed up before/after your workout.


We don’t have that (we are downtown, right?).  But we do have meters that take credit cards, so you don’t have to worry about that roll of quarters … unless you end up parking in a really bad neighborhood 😉 Our experience has shown that parking spaces are to be found most readily along 18th-20th on lincoln ave.  Simply park and walk down the hill towards the triangle shaped building across the road from the AVIS rent-a-car.

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Come play with us!


While we’re big in heart and internationally known by the fitness community, our space is modest.  Our Denver fitness studio is probably about 1500 sq ft.  But that doesn’t mean we don’t have the latest and greatest methods and training.  In fact, we like to say that in our space you’ll find equipment designed to give you a workout like you’ve never had before – to do that we use equipment you likely haven’t seen or used before, and that’s ok.  We love newbies.  We guarantee your first workout at our Denver personal traning studio will be fun and work muscles you didn’t know you had.