Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by personal training concierge?

If you’ve had a personal trainer before, you know that the wrong choice can be awkward and difficult to get yourself out of.  If you haven’t, then you probably want someone to make a recommendation to you.  Someone other than the gym sales manager who doesn’t have extensive training to understand which trainer is best to meet your particular needs and preference.

Once you’ve met with Jamie Atlas (5280 top of the town reigning best personal trainer since 2011) you’ll receive an indepth analysis and recommendation at the end of your initial complementary consultation.  Once you begin with your recommended trainer, Jamie Atlas checks in periodically with both your trainer and also you to make sure that you are getting the results you came for, satisfaction guaranteed.

When you train with a Bonza Bodies trainer, you’re in a whole new  stands for a new way of thinking about fitness and working out. We strive to use the full range of our unique and purpose focused sessions to make every exercise interesting, different and just intense enough that you leave having had a great workout (but not so intense that you can’t move the next day).

Do you help with nutrition?

It’s well known that while exercise can change the muscles and sculpt the body, if you aren’t taking care of what’s covering the muscle then you can miss the majority of results you’re looking for. Our trainers have all received training in our specialized in house nutrition plan that includes a 52 page e-book that helps you understand not only what to eat, but how to eat it and when to eat it so you can maximize results for your efforts.

Why did we create our own?

Two reasons (1) So that when you want to know how to tweak it you can go to the people that designed it (2) because it works. It works great.

How is Bonza Bodies personal training different than regular personal training?

Before we can know which personal trainer is right for you, we need to know what kind of workout, flexibility program and attention to nutrition you need. We also need to do a full body and lifestyle assessment and spend time getting to know you.  That’s why you always meet with a head personal trainer first, who is able to make a recommendation that you can trust and follow up to make sure that you’re getting the amazing results that you came for.

How do you personalize the workouts for my special goals?

That’s generally what people expect in a personal training 1-1 environment. We work hard to know your body and to share certain information on you so no matter what class you enter, 1 your instructor knows

1 Whats important to you

2 What kind of a workout you expect

3 is making sure you’re moving towards your goals in the best way possible by tweaking the exercise and adjusting movements where necessary to keep you on the fast (and safe!) track.

When you know you’re guaranteed a certain level of care and attention within your workout, you can

1 feel confident that you’re not wasting your time

2 maximize the results you should be getting and

3 feel confident that you’ll be corrected if you do an exercise with less than optimal technique.

I'd sure like to take a shower after my workout. Do you cover that?

We do! We have bathrooms, lockers, showers, water fountains and are currently working on installing a partridge in a pear tree! Just kidding about the partridge. We have all that other stuff though.

I'd like to try a free workout. Is this possible?

It’s not only possible, it’s encouraged. We’ve all been to those fitness centers where you’re pressured to join up right away. At Bonza, we’ll offer you a complementary assessment and then a free session with the trainer that we recommend for you.  With our complementary head trainer kickstart assessment, you’ll know that we know what your body does well, what your goals are so you can get your results FAST. To ask for a free results focused personal training session and complementary assessment just call us on 720-257-9328 or email

Where are you located?

You’ll find us on the basement level of 1800 Glenarm Place (just across from the beautiful church on 18th and Broadway).   Our trainers hold a variety of hours, so it’s probably best to reach us by email or just drop on by and talk to whoever you happen to catch giving a personal training session!

Here’s a map.

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It wouldn’t be unfair to say that we welcome all bodies and minds to Bonza, as our trainers can sometimes have a 65 year old grandmother working out next to her 22 year old co-worker at lunchtime. It’s our job to adjust the workout to your specific needs, not the other way around. If you watch our videos and look at what we do, you’ll get an idea of how we do things around here – but don’t be fooled by any workouts that look too hard for you to attend – everyone starts light and works their way up. We’d rather have you back for another class than have you unable to walk the next day.

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Women and men of all ages,shapes and sizes are welcome at Bonza Bodies Fitness. You will inspire and be inspired by others on the same journey of self-improvement as you. We pride ourselves in our ‘no judgment’ supportive class environment, where everyone is encouraged to work hard to improve against themselves, not others.

How soon will I see results?

While individual improvement varies for the level of commitment you are ready to apply, those who follow the Bonza Food Plan and attend 2-3 personal training sessions a week tend to lose between 7-20 lbs in the first month. First you will notice strength, flexibility and balance improvements, then clothes starting to fit differently. Clients at Bonza have lost up to 200lbs. By the way, wedding preparation is a specialty of ours.

I can get a trainer for $30/hour from the local big box gym. Why should I join here?

While other clubs offer trainers that are just ‘passing through’ with weekend certifications, we only hire dedicated career focused trainers with a decorated list of proficiencies.  We believe that your results are our results.  You’re the best advertising we can get, and our care to your results is reflected in that.

At Bonza, we take note to:

  • truly know and understand each clientss goals, likes, dislikes and fears.
  • Make sure to pay careful attention to you during the workout.
  • keep workouts changing to keep interest high and results fast. Never the same workout twice!
  • to maintain accountability and progress through email, phone and face-to-face check-ins (but not in a harassing way – we’re all about the tough love delivered with a soft smile).