Turkey Day Pre-Feed Strategy for Success

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Thanksgiving Day Eating Plan

Weight loss is a goal for most people around this time of year. You’ve been exercising and working out with the best intentions, but around this time even our hardest working Bonza people can go AWOL for at least a few days.

At Bonza we’re having a class at 815am this Thanksgiving (as we do every year), and we’re also meeting to run in the Turkey Trot (which should be loads and loads of fun). But if you’re not able to join us, here’s a few strategies you need to remember to keep things under control (or at least contained).

Eat Protein first to maintain your shapely figure

Fill up on that delish turkey first before you chow down into the high carb options. I’m not saying dont have some of granny’s special apple pie, but have the protein first. Turkey First, then Ham, then maybe some salad and then get into the other stuff I won’t even suggest for fear you’ll take it as a green light to engorge upon it.

Chew your food and talk to your guests to keep your waist in shape

Chewing by itself stimulates signals to the body to let it know that you’re actually taking in food. the more you chew, the fuller you’ll feel. Talking to your guests is a great way to slow the intake of food as well. Don’t make it seem like you don’t like it, but have your conversation starters at the ready. You KNOW uncle Jeff loves being asked about his action figure collection, and once you get grandpa a few drinks, he’ll answer any questions you’d like to know about the recession and the good ol’ days (really? Only a nickel for a can of soda? And the can was made from lead?! Fascinating!).

Here’s an article from the delightful and humorous Laura Shunk of WestWord who wrote an article using some of the strategies we use here at Bonza. Read up – she’s hilarious (much funnier than this claptrap anyway! 🙂

And a short fitness video with some insider tips for you:

Happy Thanksgiving Day from all of us at Bonza!

Gobble Gobble! (but not too much!)

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