Smashing Assumptions About Breakfast

By July 16, 2014 Nutrition No Comments

As trainers, we talk a lot about fitness, functional workouts, weight loss goals and how awesome it is to work out at Red Rocks. But when I’m doing my personal training thing and working with my clients, I also maintain a large focus on nutrition and healthy eating because I understand that a fit and functional body is fit and functional from the inside out. So let’s talk about food.

We all know the old saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You know, because nutrition is important, because it kickstarts your metabolism, fires up the ol’ brain cells and preps you for a day of productivity. And that’s all well and good, but let’s be honest: there’s more to it than that. Breakfast food lives on a bit of a spectrum that I like to break down into red light, yellow light and green light foods. While it’s easy to identify donuts as America’s favorite breakfast– uh, I mean, as a red light, some foods are a little harder to classify.

I recently visited 9News to talk to Corey Rose about breakfast, and brought with me some controversial favorites: eggs, yogurt and oatmeal. Seemingly all green lights, right? I mean, the commercials will tell you so. But here’s what happened when we put them to the test:



Turns out the yogurt was our red light. Why? Because of those sneaky artificial sweeteners that will actually create inflammation in our bodies. How do we convert that to a yellow light food? Eat real yogurt with no sweeteners and add some berries.

Our green light, despite concerns about cholesterol, was the eggs. And oatmeal was the yellow light. So think about that next time you’re bellying up to the breakfast buffet — it’s only the most important meal of the day if you’re making good choices.

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