Our Mission: Teach you how to:

  • Achieve your ideal physical fitness, health and weightour mission is to create change
  • Move with a confidence you didn’t know you had
  • Take on physical (and emotional) challenges with an anticipation of success
  • Understand that ‘being in shape’ is more than just a number on the scale

Because when it comes to working out, coming to Bonza is one of the few opportunities you’ll have to ‘get away from it all’, share with classmates and get a workout that helps you forget about everything else.


If you were to ask what a gym is supposed to do, the standard answer might be to “provide a place where people can get a workout”.  A key part of our mission is to change this.

Big box clubs are impersonal

We disagree with the impersonal approach that big box clubs and other generic boot camps have taught you is ‘standard’.

To us, a gym or fitness studio is supposed to:

  • Motivate
  • Educate
  • Encourage
  • Inspire
  • Foster a will and a passion for fitness through first learning about the participants then providing personalized attention within our workouts so as to provide an experience that changes the way you talk, think and feel about fitness.

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Of course, getting to that point requires us to get to know you and to learn much about you – your goals, your workout history and your workout future.  The answers that help you get the best results faster than you believed possible might be related to lifestyle changes, physical changes or activity improvement.  It’s what our mission is all about.

But long term change and short term results require a certain amount of discovery, encouragement and sweat to come to these realizations.  Which is why we created an environment where you can work hard in a personalized setting and learn aside others also on their own journey.

When you’re a part of Bonza Bodies, you become a part of our Denver community – a part of a movement in Denver to try to bring a new concept of fitness to all, no matter their ability or experience.

We’d like to see that change happen in you. And with our well-educated, carefully chosen instructors and the help of people like the good members of Bonza Bodies, we think it’s possible.

If you’d like to know more, call 1-866-609-5004 or email info@bonzabodies.com and ask about a free workout to come see what we’ve created.