Bonza Small Group Training Schedule!


Now offering more small group training workout schedule options at our downtown location than ever before!

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Of course, what kind of small group training schedule would we be offering you if it didn’t have a variety of workouts in there to keep you entertained and to keep your results coming!

Here’s a quick breakdown of the different kinds of workouts our small group training schedule shows:

Tighten Up
A great total body workout to add to your schedule. If you’re done with boring and repetitive fat burning workouts, Tighten Up is for you. This total body interval-focused workout is specifically designed for getting you into your “goal jeans” quicker than any workout you’ve done before. You’ll work muscles you didn’t know you had while getting your burn on.

Pyramid Fat Blaster
This high energy workout is broken into three main sections: cardio, strength and power. The result? A body that stands strong, powerful and in control when you need it. A total body functional workout that covers all the bases (an trouble spots) you need it to. If you don’t work this one into your workout schedule you’ll be missing one of our most popular workouts.

Strong & Functional – Lower & Upper strong
No matter what you’re looking for, make sure to fit this one into your schedule to preserve your muscle while burning the fat – a perfect sculpting workout. We all want to be strong without looking “bulky”. This research-backed workout uses non-bodybuilding moves in a strength format to ensure you improve your core, posture and muscle sculpting without a significant increase in muscle size. We combine these strength moves with our ViPR equipment (voted #1 workout tool in 2013 by Shape magazine). This particular workout focuses on lower body strength and upper body functional movements.

On our workout schedule we feature different workouts seasonally – sometimes we will have running workouts, other times fat burning focused ones. This helps us keep our schedule fresh, but also makes sure your schedule doesn’t get too repetitive.

Seasonal: New Years Revolution
This fat-burning workout focuses on removing the fat covering those sculpted muscles of yours. A zone-focused workout churning as much fat into the furnace as your body can handle!