How To Earn Points, Bonza Style!

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50 day Transformation: Points System

Win Prizes – Stay Motivated – Get Results


What is the point system?

The point system is a program that we have developed to help YOU hold yourself accountable because ultimately the more points you rack up each week, the better you are doing during the challenge.


How does it work?

Each week, on Monday, you’ll send your point total count to and the winner will be chosen! This will be based on different factors such as:

  • most improved
  • most inspiring
  • highest total points score
  • who worked out the most
  • who ate perfectly the whole week
  • other mystery selections we’ll reveal as the challenge goes on!


So how do I count my points?

Points are allocated as follows – remember to keep track of your own points and total them up at the end of the week – honor system is in full effect here, so remember your karma now! 😉


Event: Points Given: Notes:
Attending weigh in 5pts per weigh in attended Counts for every weigh in – not just this weeks!
Eating a meal that fits in your food plan 1pt per meal Max score of 4pts per day
Taking vitamins/supplements 1pt per day You choose what this means to you – at least take a multi!
Attending a workout 1pt per workout Workouts at home also count!  Max 6pts per week
Post on Facebook 2pts per post (max of 6pts per week) If you post on any page other than yours please #bonzabodies – can be ANYTHING, just let people know you’re on your journey!


What about if I need help staying accountable when I’m away from Bonza?  

If you’ve done a challenge or find someone you think will help keep you honest, then this points bonus is for you!

 If you decide to buddy up with someone during the challenge, you know someone to keep you motivated/inspired/honest, etc. and you and that person have a combined score of 50 points for the week you get to add an additional 10 points each!  Let us know who your buddy is so we know to count your scores up and count them correctly!


You said prizes, right?

Prizes may include a:

  • Bonza Bodies t-shirt
  • 2 free 30 min training session with a personal trainer of our choice
  • 70 minute acupuncture session
  • 90 minute massage

 We will choose the prize that gets awarded each week!


What about if I have questions?

You can get them answered by contacting jessica@bonzabodies OR post it on Facebook! (see what we did there?)

Now get out there and start racking up those points!

we can do it


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