Find Your Mantra In Bonza Bodies “50 Day Total Body Transformation”!

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There is something to be said for mantras.

That powerful phrase we repeat to ourselves to keep us going

Rebeccas results speak for themselves

It’s different for everybody, no two people have the same motivation, or the same mantra. You may have the same phrase as the person next to you, but I guarantee it means something entirely different to you.

This Bonza Bodies blog post was written by Rebecca Vega. Rebecca was a participant in the Bonza Bodies 50 Day Total Body Transformation in January. She lost about 22 pounds during the challenge! What she taught us about is that it’s not always about the reasons we started but about the reasons we keep going, even when it’s hardest. Rebecca also writes a regular fitness blog you can read weekly at She always manages to be inspiring while bringing a dose of real world reality!

“My mantra for this 50 Day Transformation has been, “Just do the next right thing.”  Taking this whole process day-by-day, not getting attached to the outcome, is my daily focus and practice.

And boy, does it take practice. When I find myself ruminating the total amount of weight I still have left to lose, it is disheartening. Forty pounds sounds like so much, and it is easy to get sucked into a negative mindset that I will never get there. A small weight gain last week would normally be the catalyst for me to throw in the towel.


Then I went back and read the letter I wrote to myself when I started this. This is one of the most difficult times of my life both emotionally and mentally – my husband has been unemployed for four months; I am working 50+ hours a week; my mom has terminal cancer and is in a nursing facility; I’m constantly on the precipice of depression and self-destruction. I miss my kids. I miss carbs. I miss sleeping past 3:30 a.m. But reading that letter, I remembered why I committed to this in the first place. In order for all the other cogs to turn, I have to be my best self.
This is the time. Time to put myself first, sacrificing now to create the future I want for myself and my family. Getting back in the routine of working out every day, sleeping soundly, enjoying the energy I get from the fuel I am putting into my body; a clear mind, sharp reactions, feeling strong, general feelings of love and happiness – so many benefits already, regardless of what that scale says. That is only one measure of what I have accomplished in four weeks. While I certainly am enjoying the losing of pounds and inches, they will not outweigh all that I am gaining.
It won’t happen overnight, but it’ll happen. One day at a time. Just do the next right thing.”


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