Four Ways Your Phone Can Help You Get Fit

So we’re about 8 weeks into New Year’s Resolutions and the spring vacation pressure is rising, right? It’s okay to call in reinforcements. If you’re one of the 50% of the population who uses a smart phone, there are tons of options to turn your phone into a fitness ally. Because, come on, we all know they’re not really for making phone calls.

Here’s a little clip I did with FOX31 Denver highlighting my favorite fitness apps.

The Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is more than just an annoying noise tempting you to punch the snooze button a few times before guilt (or some other force) drags you out of bed. This app actually analyzes your sleep cycles and wakes you up during your lightest stage of sleep.

Okay, so you’re out of bed. Now what?

there's an app for thatMap My Fitness pulls together the features of a pedometer, a GPS and a stopwatch to track your run as soon as you leave your front door. It tracks and stores your workout stats like length, distance, calories burned, and more so you can look back at your progress. There’s even an interactive online component where you can join challenges with friends, cheer each other on and map your progress over a period of time.

What if you only have 5-10 minutes? Skip the smoke break and try the Daily Workouts app. You can jump in, follow along with a model and knock out a mini-workout by the time your friends are back from the vending machine.

And for folks who are working toward a weight loss goal, the Lose It app can help you track your food with a great visual in an easy-to-use tool. The act of tracking your food can help you keep a diet and if it’s on your smart phone, it’s even easier to stick with.



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