A Healthy Body Starts With The Right Calories

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I’ve heard it so many times.

A calorie is a calorie, it doesn’t matter where the calorie comes from…

What a load of crap. Yeah, I said it, a load of crap!

When trying to create a healthier, fitter version of you I can assure you it’s ALL about where the calorie comes from! Especially when you are counting those calories or restricting your intake of certain types of food. It is ALL about where the calorie comes from. Sit back, read awhile and let the friendly folk at Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio, located in downtown Denver, break it down for you!Playing-Outside

A calorie from a piece of cake (ah, the perfect world, where a piece of cake contains one calorie!) is NOT going to sustain your body throughout the day and give you the energy you need to function, run, play, workout, at your optimal level.

So when you are trying to make the best food options what is one thing you can look at on a consistent basis to help you make the right choice? It’s not always calorie count, fat, or protein you should be concentrating on. Those categories should always be taken into consideration throughout the course of your day but will not make or break your healthy eating habits. It’s carb content, it’s all about that sugar. Why do I say sugar? Because, simply put, that is what your body breaks a carb down to! When you consume carbs and/or sugar your body will break this down first and utilize it for energy, it’s a “fast fuel”. It’s easy for your body to break down and ultimately our bodies are efficient and energy saving. We haven’t evolved to to keep up with all the sugar we consume, our bodies are still thinking we need to go out hunting and gathering. I mean seriously, have you ever stopped to look at the food labels of all the foods you consume? SOOOOO much sugar.

So what does all of this mean?

It means that when you consume too many carbs or sugar your body is going to break down those calories first for energy and ignore everything else you put in your body (Hello Sugar Crash), or at least utilize it last.  And there is very little to no nutritional value in a carb or sugar-seriously look it up, our bodies are not meant to consume those foods. When an excess of carbs or sugar is consumed the body says “WOOOO HOOOO! Energy to store for future use because I was designed to store energy for times of famine, like winter!” Hence America’s spreading waistlines… Our bodies are thinking we are preparing for a nuclear holocaust.

Fear Not! Something as simple as watching the amount of carbs you consume can have a significant impact on your health! And thankfully for all of  us not a schooled in the art of choosing the right foods, here is Jamie Atlas, owner and founder of Bonza Bodies and world class personal trainer, to give us a quick tutorial about choosing the right foods, as seen at the Diabetes Association Expo in Denver, CO…

If you like what you see and are interested in learning more about Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio or the food plan developed by Jamie Atlas, Denver personal trainer to the stars, please contact us at info@bonzabodies.com.

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