I Didn’t Lose Weight, I Know Right Where I Left It

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I hear that all the time.

“Wow, she/he/so-and-so has really lost some weight!”

In fact, I’m guilty of saying it all the time.

But here’s the thing; as someone currently on a journey of weight change, lifestyle change, life change, and just about any other type of change you can imagine,

that statement actually bothers me.

It is said with the best of intentions, and is meant as a compliment. Really, I do understand that. And I’m not even reacting to someone calling out the fact that I had a lot of weight to lose, ’cause I did. Why try to hide the truth? I mean, really, before I started this journey the only hiding I did was behind a mountain of pizza and doughnuts. Fat lotta good that did me…quite literally. What I’m reacting to is the suggestion that I don’t know where the weight went.

I was quite happy in my denial of my weight, I was active (I’m actually laughing as I type that, I didn’t even know what active meant then), could still move well, loved yoga, and thought the activity I did at work weights.23264446_stdwas adequate for my health. I didn’t want to acknowledge that I needed to lose weight, badly. Then the universe staged an intervention and I went to work right next door to a gym. As hard as I pushed to keep my lifestyle the way it was, the universe pushed back. In the form of a pushy, loud, larger than life Australian.

So I went to go see the Aussie a couple times. Started working out at Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio located in downtown Denver and discovered it was actually a lot of fun. Then he subtly suggested I stop eating potatoes. Alright, I mean, I ate them frequently but I was already starting to feel better just from the workouts alone so maybe this guy knows what he’s talking about. Then it was suggested maybe I lay off the dairy. This was right about the time I started thinking the big Aussie was off his rocker. Then one morning as I was getting dressed I realized my clothes no longer fit right, they were suspiciously big and loose. Alright, so maybe I’ll stick it out a little longer…

Fast forward 10 months. I’ve lost 70lbs, (just hit that number today!) and my life has done a complete 180. I am now running, working out several times a week and the thought of eating a carb turns my stomach. I bought in 100% because I was tired of being that person. I was tired of pretending to be otumblr_m3eph9ipeV1qb2ur1o1_1280kay with who I was, at least on the outside. I had tried to make these changes before but for some reason this time it worked. A friend of mine says “the switch in my head flipped”, I don’t know what switch he’s talking about, I just know for some reason this time the changes are sticking.

So you see? I know exactly where the weight went! It went into a washing machine with my running/working out gear. It went into the tennis shoes that I have worn out! It went into a pan full of veggies that were roasted rather than cooked in butter or grease. It went onto a grill with lean meat rather than chicken nuggets from a bag. It went into the pavement every time I pushed myself to get up off the couch and go do something.

I know exactly where the weight went. I didn’t lose it!

I deliberately left it behind.

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