Urgent: It’s Time to Cast Your Vote!

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I’ve found myself in a close race for 5280’s Top of the Town and, while you know I don’t like asking for favors around this kind of stuff, you also know I like to win. Because I’m a winner!

So here’s the deal: you don’t HAVE to vote Jamie Atlas for best personal trainer and Bonza Bodies for best health club in the 5280 ‘Top Of The Town’ voting contest that ends March 21st (which is SOOON!), but boy oh boy would we appreciate the support. Going for 4 years in a row!

But what does it take to be at the top? Indulge me while I share a few thoughts:

The Trainers: At Bonza, you get to work out with some of the best trainers in the city. Our friend AJ said so in a recent email (and yeah, she gave me permission to share): “Your instructors are awesome. They are the right mix of fun and professional, tough and compassionate, and I always feel like a workout at Bonza was an hour well-spent.”

We're like family.

We’re like family.

The People: That’s you! You make Bonza great because you show up, work hard, laugh together and cry together. Where else do you get that (besides family vacations)?

Logic: I’m tall. It automatically puts me at the top. But I couldn’t be the “Top of the Town” without all of you.

So there’s one thing left to do: VOTE!


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