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This blog post was written by Grace a participant in our 50 Day Total Body Transformation! It is easy to see why Grace has been so successful with this challenge, it’s reflected in the blog. She has decided to take action and hold herself accountable for making her goals and aspirations come true! She has given some great advice and inspired many people to take control of their own lives!

DOWNSIZING….such negative connotations.

“I’m sorry George but we are downsizing, and your entire department has to go” or “Gert lost her job, we are selling the house and downsizing to a 2 bedroom condo”  But fear not, this blog is about the good kind of downsizing.  Over the past decade or so I have slowly moved into the super deluxe, extra roomy, not so healthy Grace model…..you know the one with the bonus room in the back? (and in the front if we are being totally honest here.)  The extra large model is causing some problems for me, as you might imagine.

Big Grace is causing creeping blood pressure, Rheumatoid Arthritis flares and a real possibility that my kids will have to take care of me when they are trying to launch their own lives.

First step in downsizing me–find a great gym and trainers…one that understands where you are, what your goals are and will help you push through the barriers to get there.  I was introduced to Bonza Bodies Fitness last fall when I was given the opportunity through the American Heart Association to work out in their downtown Denver location, 80205, for 12 weeks.  Giant Grace would NEVER have gone to a place like Bonza (or rather a place like I would have assumed Bonza is)  There were really fit people there, the classes were intense. I was scared, but I went to one class and surprised even myself!  It was perfect.  Bonza is focused on helping you achieve your goals…so if you are already Super Sporticus and can do one finger push-ups while there is a pyramid of circus performers on your back and decide you want to swim from Hawaii from Japan, Bonza Bodies Fitness will help you set the course…..or, if like me, your goals are more modest like being able to do ONE push-up (sans circus performers, thank you very much) and maybe shed 100 lbs or so, they’ll help you set the course.  Of course whether you follow the course is up to you.  I lost 20 lbs in that 12 weeks.

Fast forward to January–3 week vacation and the holidays later…I didn’t gain any weight, but I lost motivation.  At exactly the right moment I saw Bonza Bodies 50 Day Total Body Transformation and decided–this is it!  I know I can make a lot of progress in 50 days, but I also know this is only the beginning. Jamie and Bonza Bodies can help me set the course, but whether or not I stay the course is all on me. I’m responsible for my success. The good news is I no longer think I can. I know I can.            -Grace Sprik Wilcox

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Stay True to Your Goals

Jamie Atlas

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