You Have To Love Your Body

This blog post was written by Christine, a participant in Bonza Bodies Fitness Studio’s 50 Day Total Body Transformation. Hearing her story reiterates how important it is to LOVE your body. Only through acceptance and love can we learn to change things. Partner with your body, don’t fight it. Let your body help you through this life rather than resent it.
“Ever since high school, my weight has always been an issue for me. The guy I was dating at that time was very particular about how much I weighed. He used to tell me I would get really fat when I got older. I, unfortunately, bought into this and would call him after every meal to report what I had consumed. I can still hear his voice in my head today. Luckily I didn’t marry that loser.
I managed my weight in the years that followed by hiking, dancing and watching my portions. I had two kids and lost all the baby weight each time. I hired a trainer and worked out hard three to four times a week. I was mostly happy with my body – but I still had that voice inside my head that told me I could be thinner. When I look back at pictures from that time I am amazed at how good I looked. Isn’t it funny how we are never satisfied?
Then came a nasty divorce and my weight plummeted to below 130 – I was wearing a size 2-4 without having to do anything. It was fabulous – the weight I mean, not the emotional turmoil of the divorce. It also helped that I was working as a pastry chef – running around a kitchen for 13 hour days and not eating anything until I got home. Not very healthy, right? I remember being in a dressing room trying on clothes and women imploring me to gain some weight.
So guess what happened? I fell in love, I hit 42, I started working in an office, I worked out but not as much, I dined out ALOT and I started loving tequila. BAM – the weight piled on. Slowly I was in size 6 and then size 8. Then I met Jamie Atlas. I started working out at Bonza Bodies Fitness Studio in the fall of 2011 and got my workouts back on track. They taught me to run,  tweaked my diet and motivated me. I ran the Boulder Bolder, I did the Warrior Dash, I finished a Spartan Race. I was a regular at 5am classes.  I was as fit as I had ever been and I was rocking my size 6’s on good days.
Then life got in the way. I underwent a major depression, quit my job and packed on the pounds. At the same time I discovered burlesque and began performing. While burlesque is accepting of all body types, when I watched my performance videos I was appalled. I got my depression under control, started a great new job, and knew it was time. Time to get my body back. And here I am, still with Jamie Atlas and Bonza Bodies – who supported me through everything.
And this time, I am 100% motivated to see this through to the end – with one caveat. I will not listen to that voice in my head – I will be satisfied with my results and I will love my body.”  – Christine Hudek
The world class personal trainers at Bonza Bodies Fitness Studio want everybody to love their bodies! Regardless of what your fitness level currently is or what you want it to be! They are there to help you partner with and better understand your body! From functional workouts to food plans we are ready to help!

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