Her Mantra? “No More Excuses”

We ALL make excuses sometimes.

We ALL tell ourselves- “eh, I’ll get to the gym tomorrow”

We ALL should STOP making excuses for ourselves, excuses only weigh you down.

This Bonza Bodies Blog was written by a participant of the Bonza Bodies 50 Day Total Body Transformation. Excuses were taking her to a place she had never been, and like so many, had never wanted to be. Then she put aside the excuses, and took control again.

“I’m active. I love to hike, cycle, ski. I camp in the Summers, do 2-4 hikes a month on weekends, even the occasional hike or bike ride after work.  I used to get to the gym a lot too.

Then, how did I find myself 25 pounds heavier than I had always been? How was it that I, the hiker/biker/skier, found myself seeing a number on the scale I thought I’d NEVER see?

Life happened.

At least, that’s my excuse.

About a year and a half ago, I worked out all the time. I was working in Lakewood, near Red Rocks, and within walking distance from a major gym chain. I joined the Bonza Bodies Red Rocks Challenge. I changed my diet, worked out hard 3x a week, and I was in great shape!

Then I lost my job. No longer working in Lakewood, I didn’t want to drive to Red Rocks at 5:30 am. I started dating someone, and we ate out all the time. I got a new job downtown. I took the light rail in, and walked to the station from home. I wasn’t near, and didn’t drive past, a gym. My boyfriend liked me, and my body, for what it was. I had lots of excuses.

And those excuses worked. Worked in adding 25# to my frame! Worked in making my clothes tight, even going up a size here and there.  But I could still hike, my clothes hid things well.

Then I got an email from Bonza Bodies Fitness Studio in downtown Denver. “How about adding some accountability to your life? How would losing weight and getting healthy change your life? Join Bonza Bodies in our New Year challenge!”

My first thought was, “Wow, I need this.” My second thought was to be a bit embarrassed. There it was, yet another excuse not to do this for myself.

And you know what? Excuses are just that. Excuses. Getting up earlier to make it to the gym is not that hard to do; you get used to it. And hey, the light rail lets off 3 blocks away from the downtown Bonza Bodies Fitness Studio location. And sure, my job is on the other side of downtown, but it’s a nice 10 block/15 minute walk, OR there’s a convenient free bus that now picks up in front of the gym. Good food, real food, is not only easy to make, but you feel good after eating good food. And friends are supportive once they know what you’re doing. A club soda with lime is more refreshing than a glass of wine.

My excuses were all in my head. Now that I’m getting into a pattern of eating better, I sleep better. Getting up early isn’t as hard when you feel better. Clothes are already fitting better. My joints and knees don’t ache as much as they did when I fed them lots of fat and carbs.

It’s amazing how quickly you can get back into a healthy habit and feel better!”    –Jennifer Piehl

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