Not Just Weight Loss, They Changed Their Stories

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These 7 people chose to be part of a 50 Day Challenge.

A challenge to lose weight, change the way they ate, worked out, and most importantly,

Change the way they felt about themselves.

These 7 people took part in the Bonza Bodies 50 Day Total Body Transformation. It’s not a bootcamp, it’s not extreme weight loss, it’s about a lifestyle change to create a healthier you. Weight loss is a common theme for everybody but it’s not the only goal, the main goal is a change in how we live in, and love our bodies. These are excerpts from blogs they all wrote talking about everything from their motivation to get started, to how they keep going, and keep the motivation alive even when life gets tough. Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio, located in downtown Denver 80202, has been honored and privileged to watch the transformation of not only these 7 but all our amazing participants these past 8 weeks.


Fast forward to January–3 week vacation and the holidays later…I didn’t gain any weight, but I lost motivation.  At exactly the right moment I saw Bonza Bodies 50 Day Total Body Transformation and decided–this is it!  I know I can make a lot of progress in 50 days, but I also know this is only the beginning. Jamie and Bonza Bodies can help me set the course, but whether or not I stay the course is all on me. I’m responsible for my success. The good news is I no longer think I can. I know I can.

Grace Sprik Wilcox

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“And you know what? Excuses are just that. Excuses. Getting up earlier to make it to the gym is not that hard to do; you get used to it. And hey, the light rail lets off 3 blocks away from the downtown Bonza Bodies Fitness Studio location.50-Inspiritational-Motivational-Thoughts-quotes-and-memes-27

My excuses were all in my head. Now that I’m getting into a pattern of eating better, I sleep better. Getting up early isn’t as hard when you feel better.”

Jennifer Piehl

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On a particularly challenging day, I was very obviously struggling with an exercise. I was whimping out, half-assing, or whatever you want to call it. Jamie came over and called me out, and I replied with “…but…I…can’t.” His response sums up Bonza perfectly; “never say can’t, just remember what you couldn’t do when you first walked in here.”
 Sam Myers
“Among things I never thought I’d say – I love working out.  It feels so good to be more healthy and I can’t wait to see more and more transformations as I continue to get fit.  So if you *think* you hate working out, are absolutely positive it’s the worst thing in the world to do.. I get it, I feel like I wrote the book on that.  You just haven’t found the right workout FOR YOU but it is out there.”
Tara McCall

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