Please Welcome Kayla To The Bonza Family!

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FullSizeRenderHi, I’m Kayla!  I’m excited to be joining the Bonza Bodies family, and this is my story.

When my parents would ask me what I wanted to be when I was older I tended to change my career path every week. One week it would be a lawyer (because I was good at arguing) & then I’d change it to something like running a gas station because I’d be able eat all the candy I wanted. I never knew I would soon develop a passion for fitness and nutrition that would continue to grow every day.

One thing I did know when I was younger was that I found happiness and fulfillment in helping others. I’ve had amazing opportunities in traveling the world with my grandparents, which helped me discover my passion for serving others. Many times I’d be found giving my “allowance money” to the homeless in Paris or working with my little sister to distribute clothes to children in the slums of India. So, with this growing passion of mine, how did I become a personal trainer and fitness instructor?


After finishing my 1st half marathon! (I’m on the right)

I’ve been active all my life, a 3-season athlete through high school. Basketball, volleyball & tennis weren’t enough, so I added   hiking 14ers, snowboarded since I was 6 years old, and even tried a half -marathon. In college I played intramural sports and picked up rock climbing to add to my outdoorsy thrills.

Even after all of this playing a huge roll in my life it wasn’t until I declared my major in Health & Exercise Science at Colorado State University that I clearly saw my career path. I knew I loved helping others achieve their goals, and being active was a lifestyle for me.

When I realized how much I was enjoying my curriculum I knew I was on the right career path. With 3 college internships and 3 jobs in the Health and Wellness field under my belt thus far, I’ve been able to work with varied populations including Division 1 College athletes, high school athletes, seniors, special needs, people in injury recovery, and the general population.

I love working with all types of populations with different fitness goals and needs. I could be working with a college athlete who’s trying to increase their vertical jump or I could be working with someone their 70s trying to increase their balance and stability. No matter what it is, I love the challenge, big or small, and and revel in meeting each and every goal.

Now, I hope I can help all of you at Bonza Bodies to get you to your own finish line! To inspire you all to strive to make new goals once you’ve attained the last one.  I look forward to working with all of you!

Yours in fitness,

Kayla Martin

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