Real Weight Loss Happens When you Make Waves

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So you’ve started working out recently?

And your mom/brother/aunt/spouse/significant other sees these weight loss or other changes in your body/attitude.

They see that you have had some weight loss, toned your body, or in general become a fitter you. They see these positive changes that are happening to your body and you. Maybe your clothes are fitting better, or you are happier or there is just a glow about you that you didn’t have before. I mean a glow other than the one you got from sweating during your latest workout.

And voila! Suddenly they are asking you for advice on getting started! Maybe they want to ask you about the gym you’ve joined, “Why, it’s Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio at 1800 Glenarm in downtown Denver”, or the new eating habits you’ve developed, “It’s the food plan that was developed by Jamie Atlas, owner of Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio”. Maybe they have no idea what you’re doing but just noticed your weight loss and wanted to know what you’re doing to look so Bonza (that’s Aussie speak for ‘awesome’ btw).

Congratulations! You have become the rock in their pond!

You are the catalyst for them wanting to change, to be a better version of themselves. You have created the ripple in their pond, you have made waves. Just like the catalyst that propelled you to the gym or on the path towards become a better you, you have become their catalyst.  It doesn’t have to be just about weight loss either – it might be you moving better, standing taller, or just being more vibrant in how you hold yourself.  Either way, you’ve been making change and the results are…inspiring.

Feels awesome doesn’t it?

Know what’s even better? Knowing that your weight loss will become someone else’s catalyst, that it will help them to become another rock in someone’s pond. Or maybe they return the ripple, maybe they motivate you when your determination ebbs. The ripple continues and changes lives, you could be the rock in the pond that changes a life today.WaterRipplingAt Bonza Bodies Small Group Personal Training and Fitness Studio we want to help you realize your goals, whether your goal be weight loss or some other goal. We want to help you be the catalyst for someone else. So come on in and work with some of of the best personal trainers in Denver (according to 5280 4 years in a row now!) and be inspired to become a fitter you. Be someone’s inspiration.  You’ll feel good doing it, and even better when you hear the story about how your change inspired someone else’s change.

   Stay True To Your Goals

Jamie Atlas

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