Rise to the Challenge

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As a personal trainer (and especially if you’ve ever been to one of my fitness classes), you know I like a challenge. They’re fun, they create accountability, and overall they’re a great way to kickstart healthy habits.

Let’s start with the fun part. Most challenges involve a group. And whether that’s in the gym, online or at Red Rocks, being able to play off the energy of your peers and support each other feels pretty awesome. (But don’t try to gang up on your trainers when the going gets tough – we’re hip to that game.)

Challenges create accountability. Sometimes there are digital tracking systems in place, like screens in the gym or an app/website where you log your info. (I recently wrote about some of my favorite fitness apps, if you’re in the market.) In the case of one of our fitness challenges here at Bonza, we have trainers and your challenge-mates to hold you accountable. Don’t think I won’t text you at 5:30 a.m. if I think you’re bailing out.

But let’s say you can’t get to class for some reason (and it better be good). Here’s a video I did with 9News that demonstrates a couple of exercises you can do at home to stay moving. All you need are dumbbells, cans of soup, small children, whatever you can find laying around.

And if you’re stuck in the office, here are some great tips from another interview I did with the lovely Corey Rose. Set a timer on your phone, take advantage of that time you have to get up and go to the copier, and try these. And challenge your coworkers to do the same!

So whether you started in May or you’re starting today, it’s not too late to challenge yourself to get movin’.

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