Roundus Booticus: Spicing Up Your Workout

Exercise takes time, and many of us don’t have a lot of time to spare so how we work out becomes really important. Whether you’re a gym lover, hitting up fitness classes or just working out at the playground while the kids throw wood chips at each other, nobody likes a stale workout. And here’s a secret: your trainers don’t like it either.

That’s why we formulate our fitness classes around workouts that change. It keeps it interesting for all of us. And best of all, the diversity challenges your body to work different muscle groups in different ways, all in the name of functional movement. Two claps!

bonza booty

Are you looking at my Bonza booty?

Now, take booty-busting exercises as an example. Lots of people do straight lunges, regular squats and so on to engage this muscle group. All good things. But how do you mix it up?

As part of my favorite Wednesday pastime, I paid another visit to Corey Rose at 9News to share some fitness tips to spice up your workout. Check them out and give ’em a try!








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