Running The Treadmill, Friend Or Foe?

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So, here we are, Spring has sprung, again.

And I’m guessing that means all you runners are getting off the treadmill and hitting the parks, trails and sidewalks. Unless, of course, you prefer running on a treadmill, and some people do. I’m one of them! (gasp!) Have you ever wondered which one is better for you though?

There are a lot of pros and cons to each! The most important thing to remember and gauge, however, is what your body is capable of. So let’s talk about the pros and cons before you hit the trail, or the belt…

With a treadmill, yo50-Inspiritational-Motivational-Thoughts-quotes-and-memes-27u get to control everything. The temperature, the pace, the distance, the incline, the terrain, all of it. And that is great. The chance of injury is minimized significantly and mostly comes down to if you’re a super klutz like me over-exerting yourself. There is no possibility of stepping on a rock and twisting a knee (NOOOOOOO!!!!!) or an ankle. If you do yourself injury you don’t have to limp home or worse, phone a friend (oh the shame), at the most you’ll need to figure out how to maneuver yourself to your car… Another bonus for the treadmill; it does half the work for you! That belt that keeps circling and circling, like a shark that smells blood in the water, is propelling your legs back, leaving you with the important job of moving them forward. A necessity to avoid serious injury…

Downside? You control everything. Your ankles won’t learn how to move and adjust to changing terrain. Your hamstrings will not develop on a treadmill like they will running on a trail, there’s that propulsion we were just talking about! As a result you could very easily tear or injury your hammy when a well-meaning friend invites you out on a Sunday morning jog or you step out for that first 5K of the season.

And then there’s running outside…

With running outdoors you are exposing your body to any number of environmental factors. Rocks, uneven sidewalks, wind, cold, hills, rain, the list goes on and on and on. Why is this a pro? Because fitness should be FUNCTIONAL, which is exactly what we focus on here at Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio. Here, at Bonza Bodies, located in downtown Denver, 80202, we fully emphasize that a fit body should help you get through your day better and easier. So how does stepping on a rock help your functional fitness? Easy, the ankle has to adjust and bend and move to avoid serious injury, ever tripped walking along a city sidewalk? Ladies, how about those heels we hate to love?

The cons? Yep, you guessed it, your exposing your body to any number of environmental factors. That rock may bite back and next thing you know, you’re limping home, wallowing in pain. And that wind, brrrr, Colorado wind in April tends to be a bit of a nasty beast. Any scenario you want to dream up in your head has the potential for happening if you run outside.

So, seriously, which one is better?

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And see owner of Bonza Bodies Fitness Studio, and personal trainer, Jamie Atlas, explain why!

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