Saying No To Family And Friends – A Weight Loss Mindset

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“Oh come on, one bite won’t hurt your weight loss!”

“But you’ve been doing so well, give yourself a treat!”

“Holiday calories don’t count!” – This one is a personal favorite of mine

How many of you have heard this? I guessing every single person reading this has heard one of these lines from a well-meaning family member or friend trying to get you to eat some sugary treat at a holiday get together.

Its how we show people we care/love them in this over sugared society we live in, we try to feed them. Or at the very least we feel less guilty if someone indulges with us…  But when it comes to our weight loss efforts, these well meaning intentions can crush our momentum faster than you would expect.

So how do we say no?

It would seem it’s either your weight loss efforts or annoying the ones you care about.  How do we politely draw the line and help friends and family understand that we are doing this not to hurt their feelings or (gasp) insult their sugary handmade ‘I made it for you’ guilt laden gifts? Its a tricky one, but as always your favorite Bonza Bodies Personal Trainers are here with some answers: Click the pic to see more!

Click here to see more!

If you’re feeling inspired, that’s normal.  However, as with any weight loss journey, expect to need support.  Talk to friends and co-workers and find others that also feel your pain. Above all, remember that you may have days where you struggle with making the right food choices! We all have struggles on the journey to better health, but YOU are worth the struggle!

TGIF champagne celebration

And if you want some extra guidance, WE can help! Contact Bonza Bodies at (303) 257-9328 for information on our hands on Accountability Membership options!

Stay True to Your Goals

Jamie Atlas

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