SuperBowl Sunday: A Weight Loss Survival Guide

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Surviving your Superbowl Party With Your Waistline Intact

superbowl food stats

This Sunday is the Superbowl (or big sports related party, depending on whether you’re into football or not) You’ll all want to cheat on your food plan.  You’ll forget all about the weight loss you’ve already had from your food choices you’ve been making.

You’ll also forget all about those well meant promises to yourself and go to town on the chicken wing platter.

As a personal trainer for 20 years now (14 years in Denver) I can tell you, it’s a sure bet that we’ll get an increase in attendance at our downtown Denver fitness studio post Superbowl.  It’s almost like Jan 1st all over again.

But I’m not going to tell you not to eat bad – in fact, I’m going to tell you HOW to eat off your plan

And you should. What do I mean by that? I mean you should eat off the plan. But here’s your 4 step strategy to eating off the plan without losing results.

superbowl kangaroosStep 1: Plan to bring something healthy to the party – call the host and offer to bring a big ol’ salad that you love making so you can help out. Either that or just bring it. Nobody’s gonna turn you away.

Step 2: Plan to get a solid workout in before you go to the party. This will boost your metabolism and make sure that the food you eat doesn’t go straight to the fat stores. Here’s a link for ya:

20 minute sample workout from Bonza Bodies on Vimeo.

Step 3: Decide On Your Targets

Here’s how it works.  You can choose either of the following:

2 bites of everything OR

one plate of your favorite choice of food that is there

After that you get to eat either the food you brought or the healthiest option at the party.  If anyone asks why you aren’t eating just punch them in the throat tell them you ate earlier that day and don’t feel hungry.  If they ask why you aren’t drinking then tell them you’re driving home and you know how the cops are on Superbowl day….. riiiiiight?

superbowl numbers

Step 4:  Focus on the game

The more you’re talking and learning the players names and betting on who has the biggest ego the less likely you’ll be to wonder if there’s any triple fried queso left over.  Enjoy the entertainment, try to pick when Katy Perry is lip syncing (hint:  it’s all the time) and see if you can spot things in the crowd that you’d only see at a superbowl game.  Like the smell of $13,000 dollar seats (and that’s before buying hot dogs and beer!)

superbowl party


I don’t care if you have to empty the sports team colored jello salad into your friends purse, you get that food out of the house.  You wouldn’t have it in there for any reason other than to celebrate the capitalist gathering that is the Bowl de la Super, so get rid of it before you find yourself exploring the fusion of turducken and 5 layer bean casserole for breakfast.

Above all, be safe and enjoy yourself.  Starting Monday, it’s back to the plan and back to the gym.  Enjoy, with this personal trainers blessing.

Be true to your goals,

Jamie Atlas

PS: Of course, I do live in Denver, one of the fittest cities in Colorado/the USA, so I may be slightly biased.

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