Time to Run

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Winter is soooo last season.

And we are all itching to get outside and get back to that Colorado outdoor life we all know and love.

Hey! Not so fast though! Before you throw on your favorite running shoes and hit the pavement/concrete/trail/whatever you have to make sure your body is ready with you.

It’s quite common. We all forget that we’ve been a little less than ambitious through the winter and maybe, just maybe, we’ve gone a little soft. So we lace up the sneakers, throw on our favorite tunes and out the door we go. E10574362_812996825398409_6554729825252384704_nxpectations being that now winter is over our body will forget about the sedentary lifestyle we’ve had for the past 3-6 months (We all know how predictable CO winters are) and be right back back in top form! 10 minutes later we return to our home limping in pain, fast forward to later on that night where we will be safely ensconced in a chair icing down our poor abused knees/ankles/joints. All of the sudden tomorrow’s run is looking pretty bleak.

Fear not! Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio is here to help you get back in top form for running without pain or injury! Our world class trainers will be here for you every step of the way! Whether your goal is to beat your best 5K time ever this season or a leisurely run through the park we can help you and your joints stay healthy and motivated through the process.

On April 1st we will unleash our new class format geared towards getting your body in peak running shape! This class is sure to be the high intensity, goal focused fitness classes you have come to know and love from your Bonza crew. And if you are not or have never been a runner, but are interested in trying it out, this class is the perfect way to start! But in the mean time here are some simple exercises and helpful tips from our own Jamie Atlas!

Exercises to get you back in running form!

If you are interested in learning more about Bonza Bodies or the new class we are offering contact us at info@bonzabodies.com!

As Always,

Stay True To Your Goals

Your Bonza Family

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