Weight Loss is just a part of our best transformation program ever

 A weight loss experience you’ll actually be able to stick with.

The holidays are full of eating and drinking — either from stress, for celebration, or because we’re in a hurry and grabbing a donut seems easier than cooking some eggs. But the season of gathering over plates of calories and goblets of sugar is short-lived. And, like clockwork, here comes January and with it all the weight loss programs that promise all of the results with none of the support, nutrition or essential elements of any quality get in shape program.  They don’t really expect you to stick around, they’re just looking for their share of the ‘new years resolutionaries’ to pad their membership stats.  Why bother providing quality to someone who’s not really gonna stick around past the first two weeks anyway, right?

We don’t have a dozen studios to choose from, just one in downtown denver (80202) and our humble lakewood location.  If the weather stays nice we’ll have a few workouts at red rocks just because it’s amazing to do that.  If you live or work near either of those locations (or know someone that does that you can tell about this program) then you need to get involved.  What else are you gonna do?  Rely on willpower to do it yourself?  Say it with me and tell me how it sounds:  “Me getting in really great shape is gonna work this time because I really seriously mean it this time.  No, stop laughing.  I’m being serious right now.  No, this isn’t like the other times, it’s different because I say so.  Stop making that face!”

You say weight loss, we say transformation

In the dwindling days of December, you still have time to turn things around but if you don’t, all is forgiven on January 5th when we launch our best total body transformation yet.

who-is-awesome (1)I’ve been a personal trainer for a long time (what, you think I’m going to date myself by telling you how long? A long time, kids.) and I pride myself on my holistic approach to functional training. But this time, we’ve outdone ourselves. This is a 50-day total body transformation with all the bells and whistles to get the job done. It’s like fitness goals on steroids. Wait– No. It’s a VIP-level fitness experience including workouts, nutrition and support that is in essence a weight loss (or should we say fat loss) experience. Because that’s how transformation happens. Because you’re awesome and you deserve it.

Anyone who’s joined our classes at the studio or at Red Rocks has probably heard our trainers talking about nutrition and food choices. Tips to survive dinner parties, some of our favorite dishes for the holidays, and so on. It’s because we care about your results. We’re not just going to run you through a tough workout and then send you off to the bakery for a reward. Nope, we’re tackling your health like we would our own.

Join us for 50 days, starting January 5, and see what I’m talking about. Get the details below and sign up here.

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