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It’s that time of year again!

It’s baseball season!

And whether you’re into baseball or not these guys have some workouts that everybody should be doing!

These are killer exercises for every body part; butt, legs, core and upper body, no muscle group left behind! And here at Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio in downtown Denver we believe in a  total body approach. You’ll never get the same workout twice! Why? Well first off; how boring is that???? Who wants to do the same workout again, and again, and again? Secondly, you have to keep the body guessing to keep it challenging and lastly if you workout the same muscles groups, the same way, repeatedly you’ll end up with muscles that are really only functional one dimensionally vs a body that can move through a range of motions with ease and fluidity.

baseball gif photo: Baseball 2pzabli.gif

So with that  in mind we’ve given you a range of workouts and recommendation to do to keep your body in peak physical form. We’ve done everything from running, to volleyball and today we have baseball.

The world class personal trainers at Bonza Bodies can get you prepped and ready for any physical activity, or sport you want to do. But just in case you can’t make it into the gym this week here is our own Jamie Atlas with some easy, functional, total body exercises you can do at home with just a weighted ball.

Click here to watch Jamie Atlas demonstrate workouts done by the pros!


Of course, regardless of what exercise regime you choose there are really only 2 main components to think about.

1. Does it keep you engaged and entertained? Is it FUN?

2. Do you mix it up? Do you keep your body engaged and entertained?

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