Workout To Get (And Keep) That Bonza Booty!

The booty focused workout seems to get a lot of attention these days.

It seems like just yesterday no one wanted to acknowledge that they even had a butt and now they’re all the rage!

So how do we get the perfect booty?

Being ample just isn’t enough! We want round, firm perky butts! But lets face it, our sedentary, office encased lifestyle doesn’t exactly encourage our derriere to jump up and say “Notice me!” And, really, who knows what exercises will actually achieve these results? Squats and lunges and stairs, oh my! Thankfully we are all privy to the genius that is Jamie Atlas and the Bonza Bodies Fitness Trainers.

With their help we can all achieve the butt we want with the RIGHT functional body exercises we’ve come to expect from the world class personal trainers at Bonza Bodies. Skip the boot camp and the spin classes and the stair master! Here is the workout you need for the perfect Bonza booty.

If you are finding these moves too easy, don’t you worry! The advanced Perfect Butt moves are coming soon to a blog near you! You know you can’t wait…

And a special congratulations to all of our Ski Conditioning Participants! We love seeing all those sexy legs in class!

Like what you see?  Come perfect your moves at either the Downtown studio, 80202, or Lakewood, 80215, and on those busy days you just can’t make it in, keep the moves up from home!  Email or call 1-866-609-5004

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